Nahren Greyjoy-Von Liechtenstein
—  Canterbury resident  —
Nahren Greyjoy-Von Liechtenstein
CoA Nahren+VL
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Kraft durch Klugheit
Full title Baronet
Place of Residence (unknown), Canterbury, Sussex
Affiliations Sussex Army, Von Liechtenstein Guard
In-game name Nahren
Account created November 30th 1457
Forum name Nahren

About meEdit

Born November 30th 1437 to Eckhart Von Liechtenstein and Helga Greyjoy, he left his home in early months of 1450 following the death of his mother. Refusing to give much detail of the next eight years oh his life, aside from that he travelled extensively while searching for someone, he eventually settled down in Dover.

Timeline Edit

  • Moved into Dover - November 30th 1457
  • Moved to Canterbury - February 1458
  • Was Mayor of Canterbury - March 1458 - April 1458
  • Became Gothi for the Guards of Valhalla - April 1458 (group is now defunct)
  • Joined the Sussex army - April 1458
  • Became Town Commander of Canterbury - May 1458 (Resigned the position)
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