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Country Kingdom of Scotland
County Ayr
Purpose Node between Galloway and Glasgow.

Muirkirk was a forest town in the County of Ayr. It is connected by roads to the Capital city of Ayr and Lanark in Glasgow.


On 26 August 1456, Muirkirk was the site of a major battle between insurrection forces and loyalist armies, now known as Tosher's FURY. The combined forces of the The Ayr regimental force alongside the Glasgow Regimental Force moved from the city of Ayr into position in Muirkirk where they fought the army named -Fury- led by Tosher. Tosher's forces feld the field and departed from the town of Muirkirk. The next day the remaining forces of -fury- were driven back and the army disbanded.

  • Closed in February 1459 due to population problems along with the County of Ayr

Mayors of MuirkirkEdit

November-December 1455 - Wakkachuta MacAle

January-February 1456 - Johncarter Munro

March 1456 - Conkord MacAle

-Revolt in Muirkirk! - Lorelei takes the power for a short time.

April 1456 - Viperess

May-June 1456 - Noimduda Munro

July-August 1456 - Johncarter Munro

-Muirkirk is attacked by the Fury army! - Tosher takes the power for a short time.

-Revolt in Muirkirk! - Johncarter Munro takes the power.

September 1456 - Ruksmurf

October 1456 - Xavierson Munro

November - ... 1456 - Johncarter Munro

Local TavernsEdit

Muirkirk Mayors Office is the town hall tavern.

Map Muirkirk

An historical map of Muirkirk

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