History Edit

Towns lived in (in order).

Appleby, Lancaster (Birth place)

Port Lairge, Munster

Cill Chainigh, Laighean

An Gort, Chonnacht

Lis'Mor, Munster (Current)

MotherLucka was born in Appleby Lancaster, shortly before the recolonization of Ireland. When the recolonization began he left for that land, settling in Port Lairge. Later, he moved to Cill Chainnigh when Laighean was opened, and fought against Munster in the civil war that ensued. After the war he moved again to Chonnacht, where he began his career in politics as an obscure councilor in one of the two groups that controlled that corrupt place. He served in the Clone wars fighting against PEACE, but saw no fighting and returned from Cill Chainningh unharmed. After a while, he found himself alienated from most of the powerful people there, and grew angry with them when they invited the NNGO to turn the county into a pirate nation. As the NNGO began to arrive, but before they took control of the county, MotherLucka became mayor of An Gort and robbed the town - justifying his crime by saying it was better for him to take the goods than the NNGO. After laying low for a few months in Lis'Mor he re-established himself on the political scene as a forceful politician, and cemented his trustworthiness with his appointment to town army general and mayorship (in which nothing was stolen). In August, 1459, he took part of an Irish sea-borne invasion of royalist Formandy, leading an army on board the WS Carthage.

Titles/Jobs held Edit



Corn field

Vegetable field

Wheat field

Sheep field

Cow Field

Level 3: Army Way

Chonnacht Prosecutor

Chonnacht Constable

Mayor of An Gort

Mayor of Lios'Mor (3 terms)

Lios'Mor town General

Munster Judge

Munster Mines Superintendent

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