The Montemayor Family, or De Montemayors, also known "Montes", are a large family and faction that is a major force in the Scottish Civil War, hailing from Genoa, Italy.

Genoese OriginsEdit

The Montemayors origins in Genoa are mostly unknown to outsiders, but they are known to have travelled as a household and extended family to the Kingdom of Scotland as merchants with a small fleet..

What is known from their Italian past is they were a prominent family politically in Genoa in the past, being known as having over a hundred strong militia from translation. Something however led them to leave their homeland. They were known in Genoa as having over a hundred-strong militia and having have held multiple major political posts in.

Scottish ArrivalEdit

During their arrival in Scotland, the royal government of Scotland was involved in a conflict with the Fury, who controlled [[Glasgow City[[ in Glasgow County with a political machine of sorts and whom continually declared independence and revolted against ducal and royal authority, earning them the dislike of King Rothar.


The Montemayors currently control Glasgow County under their Duchess Skappa, with a large armada of ships and several armies currently engaging Galloway County. Their opposition declare them invaders and conquerors with contempt. Today, most of the French have left, making the Montemayors a dominantly Italian force with some Scottish membership.


The admins declared that the Montemayor leave all British Isles because of using many clones in their invasion and oppresion. Montes complained that it was because they won, which admins repeated it was because they used so many clones.

The once strong Montemayor has been cut down significantly in terms of numbers and ships.

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