Kerri Rosalynn Cavendish
—  Shrewsbury resident  —
Kerri Rosalynn Cavendish
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Her Royal Highness, Princess Kerri
Place of Residence (unknown), Shrewsbury, Stafford
Affiliations House CavendishRoyal English Navy
In-game name Mommikerri
Account created (unknown)
Forum name Mommikerri

Kerri Rosalynn Cavendish was an early Regent of England, who served from the 2nd November 1456.


Kerri was originally a member of the Phoenix family, however she soon discovered that she was actually a member of the Cavendish house instead. She married Harlan Bradley on the 4th January, 1457 in the Glen, declinging the offer of using Westminster Abbey so that foreign friends may visit.

Kerri was the daughter of Randolph Edward Cavendish and Emily Mountfort. She had one brother, Sahaa, and a half sister, Lily Bunny Woodard on her mothers side. She also has many cousins, including the O'Donoghues, Liam, Gigas and Funn, whose mother was a Cavendish known as Orla. Lastly, her father's other sister, Alicia, was the mother of Merces, John and Captainkidd of Hosue Leone Soldati.


During August, 1457, Kerri and Harlan set off to a new life on an island far away from the British Isles.

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