—  Lewes resident  —
O\'Connell CoA
Coat of arms
Personal motto:
In seeking wisdom thou art wise, in thinking that thou hast attained it, thou art a fool
Full title Sir Molder O'Connell
Place of Residence (unknown), Lewes, Sussex
Affiliations none
In-game name Molder
Account created 26 November 2007/1456
Forum name Molder

Sir Molder O'Connell was born in Lewes, Sussex, on November 26th 1455. Molder became engaged to Aelankaelyn on October 19th 1456.

Molder has tried his best to establish himself within the town as a citizen, friend and servant, doing whatever he can to help his friends and his fellow citizens. He continues his services by helping the current mayor with trades and can often be seen in the tavern welcoming newcomers and visitors to Lewes with a mug of ale and a smile. Molder grows vegetables and is a hardworking blacksmith and spokesperson in political affairs.

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