Mines SuperintendantEdit

The Mines Superintendant (sometimes abbreviated as MS) is a County Council role, whose job is to run the mines and appoint Harbour Masters.

The MS has a control page permitting him/her to do the following:

  • Open or close a mine
  • View the condition of a mine (good, medium, dangerous)
  • Repair a mine (routine or emergency maintenance)
  • Upgrade a mine
  • Appoint a Harbour Master.

The Sherrif can also undertake the mine related functions if the MS is unavailable (The MS is, however, the only position able to change Harbour Masters).

This is a relatively low-intensity council job, requiring the office holder to log in at least once per day, to update the mines control screen (issuing maintenance orders) and (typically) to produce a daily report in the forums.

The role is often considered somewhat menial, but it is vital for the economic success of the county.

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