The Miller's Guide is a post in the Renaissance Kingdoms Forums. It give general information about the miller trade.

General remarks.Edit

The trade of miller.Edit

  1. A miller has to either buy wheat at the market or use wheat harvested from his/her wheat field and place the bags in the property inventory.
  2. The miller then grinds the wheat to flour which is ready to be sold.
  • One wheat bag can be grinded to one bag of flour, and a miller can transform up to ten bags each day (1 action).

Prices and income.Edit

  • The average price of a wheat bag is 13.00 £
  • Although free to choose, the price for flour must respect a certain degree of honesty so consumer and producer can both benefit. Most of the times a bag of flour is sold for 15.30 £
  • Investment to start a full production: 10 bags of wheat at 13.00 £: Total 130.00 £
  • Income from sale of 10 bags of flour at 15.30 £: Total 153.00 £
  • Daily activity income as a miller: 153.00 £ sales minus 130.00 £. Total: 23.00 £ pr. day.

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The Miller's Guide

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