• The trade of miller is a job for players Level 2 and above.
  • A miller transforms wheat into flour. Flour isn't a basic food product but has to be sold at the market where the bakers can buy it for the production of bread.
  • Before you make a decision, ask your mayor if there aren’t too many millers already in the town to avoid overproduction.
  • Over production will lower prices!

The Trade Of A MillerEdit

  1. A miller has to buy wheat at the market and place the bags in the property inventory
  2. The miller then grinds the wheat to flour which is ready to be sold.

One wheat bag can be ground to one bag of flour and a miller can transform up to ten bags each day.

Prices & profitsEdit

Although free to choose, the price for flour must respect a certain degree of honesty so consumer and producer can both benefit. Most of the times a bag of flour is sold for £2,10 more then wheat was purchased. Allowing a miller a daily profit of £21,00.

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