Militia is currently set up in towns as 4 people who protect the town against revolts. They are hired each day by the mayor and they can hire each day anywhere between 0 - 4 people. If a valid threat has been accessed, the mayor will often request people to form groups and click "defend the power" which will basically act just like the militia however it will not pay wages. Militia wages can range from 15 to 20 pounds though often unless the mayor is quite desperate, 15 pounds is solid standard. With this in mind, even with this in mind, bein in the Militia requires no stats of levels and unlike players field jobs will instantly grant the person a job for that day.

Militia strength is a 1:2 ratio. Each Militiamen can protect the town against 2 revolters. Meaning with a full militia force protecting the town, it would take 9 revolters (8 to take down the 4 militia and 1 to actually overthrow the town hall) to take over the town.

Militias rarely see action, however since it is pretty much impossible to determine any formidable threat within the towns travelers or even upset towns folk. It is often a very important safe guard. While Militias are very good against revolters, they are almost no match against any armed forces that might wish to take the town. As armies factor in both strength, weapons, and armors. For more information on army please click on link.

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