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Coat of arms
Personal motto: A proud and loyal MacAle.
Full title Michelle Macale, Lady of Ale!
Place of Residence (unknown), ,
Affiliations Clan MacAle
In-game name Michelle_macale
Account created 7 September, 1455
Forum name Michelle_macale
Michellebegg was the fifth duly-elected Countess of Cúige Chonnacht.

Player InformationEdit

Born on September 7, 2007, Kirkcudbright, Scotland

Last known address

Country : England

County : Devon

Town : Southampton

Level : 3 - State way

Michellebegg changed her name to Michelle_macale

Michellebegg has no profession

Michellebegg has no fields


  • Born Kircudbright, Scotland 07/09/1455
    Moved to Muirkirk, Scotland 27/12/1455
    Moved to Cashel, Ireland 28/03/1456
    Moved to An Gort, Ireland 22/04/1457
    Moved to Ceatharlach, Ireland 30/06/1458
    Married Drax 31/10/1458
    Lucien born 29/01/1459
    Moved home 06/01/1460
    Drax died 20/05/1460
    Moved to Southampton 08/10/1460 

Offices HeldEdit

Role Play DescriptionEdit

My name is Michelle MacAle. I hail from the land of the Scots.

My story starts in the year of 1455 in the town of Kirkcudbright, Scotland, where i made many friends and found that I was a blood member of the Clan MacAle, quickly climbing the ranks to become a dignitory and the official clan histiorian. After a few months I got itchy feet and decided to move to Muirkirk with my sister and a few others. Muirkirk was a ghost town and when we heard of a new land called Ireland in 1456 we all jumped on the first boat here arriving in An Caiseal a few days later. 

Ireland was a mixture of happiness and heartache for me. So many people I loved I lost but I wouldnt change it for anything. After serving on various council's and as mayor many times, I grew restless and decided to go on a robbing spree, even though I was thrown from a very high window for it it was fun. I met my late husband Drax in Ceatharlach, another move, where we spent many a happy time and had our son Lucien. Then the unexpected news that my closest friends and my godchildren had passed away was just too much to bare.

In the year 1460 I decided to show my son where his mummy grew up and boarded a ship back to Scotland. My four years away from my home certainly made me a stronger woman and wiser to boot. After many months of personal turmoil I finally settled in Kirkcudbright, my town of birth. It was good to be home. However things in Scotland were not as I remember and after yet another loss, I thought id go south, to England, somewhere id never been.

It was the best thing I could have done. I seem to have found a new lease for life. Maybe it is down to a certain special someone or maybe it is just down to ....who am I kidding it is down to him. My life finally feels complete, he is my moon and I love him with all my heart. But as always seems to be the way, these things never work out as planned. After months of him being missing I have gave up hope that he will return or that he is even still alive. It is hard to say goodbye when there is nothing to say goodbye too.

Lucien too has now moved on to a private school, even at 4 he is very smart, it was only right that he got the best education my money could afford. Though I do miss him.

My time these days are spent studying, a quiet life though my feet are tempted to move again...

A proud and loyal MacAle.

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