A Mentor is assigned by the Mayor of their town to assist new residents in acclimating to their new lives in the Kingdom. The Mentor is responsible for writing and maintaining the initial "welcome" message received by all new subjects upon entering the Kingdom, detailing the basics of how to eat and find daily work in order to survive and level up. Mentors are often active in the local taverns, greeting newcomers and visitors and helping answer questions.

Ingame Mentors came around from long discussions with the Game Admins about trying to implement some sort of Town Officer for mentors of the New Members Mentoring Guild to be able to see which persons on the town list are new and have already been sent a letter.

Mentors were first established in 1453 (2005) as players with experience and knowledge helping out the new players get to grips with Renaissance Kingdoms. Thus the New Members Mentoring Guild (NMMG) was born. It evolved into a highly recognized and respected Guild and its members were more often that not, very deserving of the praise they received. NMMG Mentors sent up to four letters to a new player to explain the game, the forum and give them what advice they could.

NMMG instituted a No-Politics rule which was seen as one of the building blocks of Mentoring, as it made the mentors unbiased and made sure they did not influence the new players. This made mentoring an unbiased job in which the new players had enough help to play, but were allowed to explore RK on their own without Mentor influence.

Mentoring new players continues to be an important job and the best mentors are those that keep themselves to the rules of:

No-Political Coaching No-GOAS Coaching (of any kind) Unbiased Advice Helpfulness Cheerfulness :D

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