Meriad "MedievalMan" Avis-Hanley, as was his birthname, was one of the first family members to be found by the Avis family, and later on found to be a descendant in the Hanley line as well. He served several Mayoral terms in Dover, and was a member of the CUE, leading to two terms in the Sussex council. He is known for his participation in a raid on Dieppe, battling against the armies of Laighean, and for instituting the first Miner's Lottery in Dover.


MedievalMan, 1453

After a short-lived marriage to the Duchess Malachia, which ended in scandal and nation-wide attention, MM (as he was called) disappeared from the world.

His disappearence of 1454 is still an unknown event and no one is sure what happened to him.

Update: MedievalMan has returned to Dover, under the guise of Diragon.

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