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Coat of arms
Personal motto: knowledge is power guard it well
Full title ludvig mcempires vom blauberg
Place of Residence (unknown), rauma, suomen herttuakunta
In-game name mcempires
Account created 2008
Forum name mcempires

early years Edit

Mcempires was born in Marlborough, Wiltshire in early 1456 but he passed away due to starvation. However in August 1456, Mcempires was brought back to life due to a necromancer. Mcempires moved to Arundel, Sussex where he became an Ambassador in December 1456

in finlandEdit

when finland was created mcempires moved there he worked 5 terms as a councilor in various tasks such as captain,judge,trade minister he also worked a few months as the chancellor of the embassy of kalmar union. and some time as a judge in the court of appeals.

back to englandEdit

in the end of 1457 mcempired come aboard the first finnish ship freedom of the seas

the jorney was long and took 58 days

back on the english soilEdit

when mcempires arrived to the port of Hastings in Sussex he stayed there a few days after wich he travelled to his old home town Arundel when he had settled there he joined the Sussex Army and the collage of heraldry. then he run for sussex council XIX on the list of Sussex Coalition but didn't quite make it to the council itself.

let the story be continued!

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