The Trust Acceleration Program is a post in the Renaissance Kingdoms Forums, written by Shewolf. It offers a plan for Mayors to make gaining trust points easier for low level citizens. The plan was invented and proven in Launceston, Cornwall.

The ideas behind the systemEdit

A lot of new players have trouble finding the forums in their first few days of playing, or have trouble entering the taverns. They get frustrated when they can’t get the last of the trust they need to level and ultimately quit. This system helps the newer players get the trust they need without having to wait for them to find places to ask for it. It helps towns by advancing more people to level 1 faster, thus providing more fields, jobs, and goods.

How it worksEdit

Mayors can appoint a person to sort through the town list daily to select level 0’s that have worked their 2 days in church, and have been active in the last 2 days that still need trust points. The names of the level 0’s in need of trust are then added to the trust point threads in the town hall where people of the town are encouraged to give their 2 TP weekly to people on the list.

Organizing the listEdit

For the person making the list, people who need only one RP should be put at the top while players needing 3 are at the bottom. People should go through the list from top to bottom finding people to give their trust to. With lots of town participation, and a list of people in need of trust the town can accelerate the leveling of its level 0’s thereby increasing retention of players to the game.

Example of list in actionEdit

For examples of how this works please refer to the Launceston Trust Points List


With the changes taking place in England, jobs and goods are becoming increasingly important. Its proven that fields generate both work and goods, so with that being said, I personally would strongly encourage all mayors to implement this system of a variation of the sort.

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