Matthew Macaulay
—  Ardencaple resident  —
Matthew Macaulay
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Greed is good
Full title Matthew Macaulay, Chief of Clan Macaulay
Place of Residence (unknown), Ardencaple, Glasgow
Affiliations Clan Macaulay, Fury
In-game name Lordmatthew
Account created (unknown)
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Born in Ardencaple to a wealthy branch of the Macaulay Clan, Matthew hoped to live a life like his father, of finance and trade.

You could say that his childhood was a joyous one, mainly due to his strong relationship with his second oldest brother, Balthazar.

However his oldest brother, Reginald always felt threatened by young Matthew's ambition and would treat him worse then a peasant.

His father, Arthur for some odd reason decided to give Reginald a large portion of his wealth in hope he would build upon in through finance, but just as Matthew and Balthazar had predicted, Reginald ran off with the wealth and was heard to be parading the gambling whore houses in Ayr.

Later Years:

At the age of 16, Matthew decided it was time to pursue his dreams. His father although not left peniless was still recouperating from his disowned son's deeds and was skeptical to give Matthew funds to start his bisuness.

Understanding this, Matthew set off into the main square of Ardencaple with nothing but a few loaves of bread and fifty pounds.

After working hard he soon was able to purchase a plot of land where he would first grow vegetables, but upon buying a mill he soon converted the field to produce wheat as to further his profits.

Once establishing a small fortune, Matthew set about trading and soon was gaining minor fame and much notoriety.

However his love for trade could only be matched by his love for Ardencaple and Glasgow.

Matthew ran for mayor and won with over 90% of the vote, in his term he furthured Ardencaple's wealth through some might say draconian measures. He then ran for a second term and won by over 80% and this term would highlight the most important of his endeavours, building a large portion of Ardencaples small port which would be supervised by the harbourmaster Bohemianpiano, his uncle and the later portion of construction was under mayor Dee_Snider.

Soon after war broke out in Scotland, and Glasgow was fighting the invading forces of Ayr/Campbell armies. Matthew answered Glasgow's cal and ran to Glasgow city to defend.

In the Battle of Glasgow, Matthew killed



Matthew later went on to serve in the council of Glasgow.

to be continued.....


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