Renaissance Kingdoms

The market is where players and the Town Hall sell their items. Items are grouped with other like items and combined with other items of the same good with like prices. When a purchase is made the seller with the highest charisma sells their items first. In a case of multiple players purchasing the same item at the same time it is again determined by charisma. Sales are delayed up to 15 minutes in order to allow characters with higher charisma to also bid on the same item. The payment for the item is taken immediately from the player's money, but is refunded if the purchase goes to another player.

You may only access the market for the town you are in currently. If you travel and have items on the market they will be canceled and returned to your personal inventory.


The market window is devided into 5 columns: Name, Price, Quantiy, Ask, and Purchase. In addition, there is a Your Basket window that displays any items a player is currently attempting to purchase.

A typical market screen

  • Name - The main sort column; shows the type of good being sold
  • Price - Shows the price for the goods
  • Quantity - Shows the number this good at this price
  • Ask - Shows the selling state of the goods. A green circle means none of the items are currently being requested for purchase. An orange circle means that one person has requested some or all of these goods. A red circle means that multiple people are currently competing for some or all of these goods.
  • Purchase - A drop-down box that allows players to purchase listed goods.
  • Your Basket - Shows items a player is requesting to buy; prompting them to confirm or cancel the request