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9 September 1458
Sir Andimsum MacMisfit was knighted by the Lord Lyon King of Arms, becoming Scotland's first ever knight.
1 September 1458
The first citizens petitions to grant knighthoods are begun in the Highlands Hall. The Lyon Court of Arms makes it known that these are valid and signatures begin to be collected, marking the beginning of Knighthoods in Scotland.
13 July 1458
The Lyon Court of Arms sends out the first nomination letters to the Counts and Mayors of the Kingdom of Scotland - effectively marking the beginning of nobility in Scotland.
23 June 1458
Carlisle becomes the first County Capital to be annexed to another County, being annexed into Galloway by the NNGO
17 May 1458
Cill Chaoi, the longest independent Irish town, is returned to the control of An Mumhain (Munster) County.
4 October 1457
Cill Chaoi and Luimneach, Ireland have both been declared independent of the county of An Mumhain by NNGO Master Director, Anto_Capone.
3 August 1457
Hot Eire becomes the 1st nationwide publication in Ireland, insanely popular and bringing much-needed comic relief to the warring masses.
April 1457
The History of NNGO.
21 April 1457
County Cúige Chonnacht the 3rd county in war torn Ireland has opened. Towns include; An Gort, Baile Locha Riach, Baile Átha Luain. County An Mumhain has also received two new towns; Cill Chaoi and Inis.
29 January 1457
County Laighean in Ireland has opened it's borders. A great relief for County An Mumhain who has no cities with under 500 citizens. Four new colonies make up this county; Cill Chainnigh, Ceatharlach, An tInbhear Mór and Loch Garman.
1 January 1457 / Happy New Year
The Knights of the Realms of England would like to wish you all a Happy New Year! Remember, its now 1457 - a new chance for fresh RP and a change in thinking!
24 December 1456 / Merry Christmas
The Knights of the Realms of England would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Winter Solstice, Yule, Hanukkah or other festivale! We hope you have a good one!
21 August 1456 / Opposition to the New Forum
Lucas-Miguel Avis wrote up an online petition in response to the new forums. Its main goals included - to revert the forums back to the system of 19th August, keep some of the system of the New Forum including - Seperate Country Forums for each IG Country, the possibility of seperate GOAS and Kingdom/County forums (All GOAS activity on one forum, and all Kingdom and County/Town Inn's on another (Again one per IG Country), and the possibility of a links page IG for players to connect to any forum. Response to the petition has been phenomonal with over 100 Signatures in the first day and 300 by the third day. Signatures are still being added but at a less dramatic pace. Lucas-Miguel Avis sent both an Email to Celsius (the owners of Renaissance Kingdoms) and an ingame private message to Longjohnsilver with the Petition. The only response recieved was by LJS stating, Give us some time to work the bugs. The Fight for old forum revival still continues here at:
21 August 1456 / Brand New Forum
LongJohnSilver sent an in game message to all English players that there would be "an overhaul of the way the forum is accessed and how it is managed and presented". The stated goals of the new forum structure are to make it easier for people to read, to speed the forum up and eliminate lagging, offer more chances for role play, and to promote role play in the towns. However, reception has been largely negative.
31 July 1456 / Wiki greatly expanded in July
During the month of July, over 200 new article and pages have been added to this wiki! These new articles have focused on issues of how to play the game, such as Guides and Game Interface, as well as presenting information useful for understanding the way the game works in articles such as Resources, Levels, Food and Stats. Please take some time to contribute your knowledge and make the RK wiki a truly comprehensive and useful resource.
27 June 1456 / New types of fish found!
Reports say there are many new types of fish in the game now. Some of those found on the translation page are: arctic char, grudgeon, grayling, conger eel, sea bream, herring, skate, tuna, mullet, turbot, scorpion fish, eels, trout, sole, pike, red mullet. Speculation is that these have been coded for the addition of feasts that have come with the new county prestige. Players that have eaten the fish said they received the normal +2 Intelligence and +2 Hunger points. Galdun 12:02, 27 June 1456 (UTC)

29 April 1456 / County An Mumhain, Ireland gets a touch of Gaelic
The three original towns of County Munster (now An Mumhain) have been de-Anglicised. Cashel is now known as An Caiseal, Lismore is Lios Mór and Waterford is now Port Láirge. Each town's main page will include accent marks, with a page without accents and the original page linking to it. Galdun 12:12, 29 April 1456 (UTC)

24 April 1456 / An Mumhain Ireland, expands
County An Mumhain in Ireland has doubled in towns. Three new towns added and they are all have colony status, Luimneach, Imleach and Ros O'g Cairbre. Galdun 11:57, 24 April 1456 (UTC)
27 March 1456 / Ireland Opens & A New Scottish County
County Au Mumhain in Ireland has opened as has Glasgow in Scotland. Each has three towns, each a colony. Galdun 20:38, 28 March 1456 (UTC)
21 March 1456 / New Login Page
The login page has been updated with a new flash animation. It includes images of high seas ships, possibly linking the countries? Players have also noted there is an image of a pub patron with long hair (more new options for our avatars?) and that a patron wearing chain mail morphs into a crown. Galdun 17:53, 21 March 1456 (UTC)

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