Lucrezia Maghella D'Altavilla, Norman of D'Altavilla Noble Family, is High Command member of Ordo Negrum Equites (O.N.E.) as Strategist and is also Major of O.N.E. II Brigata Amesha.
Free-spirited Amazon, fighter from an early age, she has always been engaged in military activities, regular and mercenary.

She has a special hatred for politics, because of the power and abuses thereof.


Husband: Oberto I Grimaldi, detto Illurido, Captain of O.N.E. II Brigata Amesha

Sons: Leocarlos e Seralex, Knights di O.N.E. II Brigata Amesha, Corvyn e Zanzibar74.

Daughter: Spaty.

( Italiano )

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