—  Barnstaple resident  —
Maclennan Car
OoA Mac
Coat of arms
Personal motto: While I breathe, I hope
Full title Sir Eyes Maclennan
Place of Residence (unknown), Barnstaple, Cornwall
Affiliations Wolves of Sherwood
In-game name Maclennan
Account created 14th october 2007
Forum name Maclennan


Sir "Eyes" Maclennan was born in the town of Inverness in the Highlands of Scotland to a noble family, however the unstable political situation in Scotland and the loss of his family in the fire started by Donald, Lord of the Isles, led to him fleeing to England. After many years of searching for some purpose in life he finally decided to settle as far away from home as he could, in the town of Barnstaple.

Wolf YearsEdit

Maclennan joined theWolves of Sherwood (WOS), and very quickly became a respected member of their community. He not only assisted in the running of the Church of Loki but was also a valuable spy, feeding all manner of information to the Wolves about England’s defence retinue(EDR).

After the death of his master, Tyrson, Maclennan took over being head of theChurch of Loki.

After becoming unhappy with the way Cornwall was being governed he joined his fellow Wolves in the Cornish revolts also revealing himself as the mysterious 'Eyes, the high priest of Loki'.

Following the departure of the great leader Inanna Moonfaerie from the Wolves of Sherwood Maclennan decided that he could no longer stay in the organisation, as it no longer held the same values it had when he joined. With his departure from the WoS Mac decided it was also time to step down as leader of the “Church of Loki”.

With friendly faces back with the WoS, and the new leadership steering them back on track Maclennan made the decision to return to his loving pack, however he chose not to try and take back his Church of Loki instead leaving it in the capable hands of Jenibelle.

As a result of Jenibelle leaving the Wolves and started her own group in Ireland the Church of Loki was once again left in the leadership of Maclennan.

During the Wolves failed attack on Chester Maclennan survived the attack by the National Army, however he was deeply upset by the death of his good friend Inanna and turned his back on the Church of Loki forever.

After spending several months back in Barnstaple Maclennan returned to Chester where  he took part in the attack and managed to secure himself a place on the Chester council.

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