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Clan MacAle
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Coat of arms
Family motto: The brave, the proud, the drunk! Give us a pint and we shall defeat any enemy!)
Patriarch Jaseph
Important members Michellebegg
Nationality Scottish/Irish
Land held none
Affiliations none
Blood relations none

Clan MacAle is one of the founding Clans of Scotland.

Origins of MacAleEdit

Clan MacAle was founded in Kirkcudbright in 1455 by Jaseph and Sir_Moore. Amongst the first MacAles were Wakkachuta, MIchelle_MacAle , Rayn and Lenora. The pretext for creating the MacAle clan was to have a Clan that was not overly-steeped in history, but a place for friends to have fun.

Despite it's pretense of fun, Clan MacAle became a household name in early Scotland. Many of it's members, including Jaseph, Michelle_MacAle , Rayn and Wakkachuta became involved in the politics and military of not only Kirkcudbright, it's town of origin, but also Galloway, Muirkirk and Scotland as a whole. Wakkachuta was voted as the second Steward of Scotland.

The Move to IrelandEdit

In March 1456 the majority of the Clan moved to An Caiseal in Ireland where the Clan continued to expand and continued to become involved in the development of Ireland. Rayn spent a term as Duchess of An Mumhain and Michelle_MacAle spent a term as Duchess of Cúige Chonnacht.

Today the Clan are spread out over all of Ireland and continue to grow. Michelle_MacAle recently moved back to Scotland and is on a mission to find all thoses Macales she hasnt seen in years and of course to find new ones, to which she is sure there is lots.

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