Luka Frankopan
—  Chard resident  —
Luka Frankopan
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Salus Populi Suprema Lex Esto
Full title Luka Frankopan,Baron of Cannington
Place of Residence (unknown), Chard, Somerset
Affiliations SAS,KoP
In-game name Luja
Account created April 30, 1455
Forum name Luja

History Edit

Luka was born in a small lake village in the Krlajevstko Ujedinjene Mađarske i Hrvatske,in a small fishing town called Rijeka,he lived a good and happy life there,but one day when he turned 18 he decided to go and study on the famous University of Somerset,by then his family wasnt that well standing like it used to be,he decided to "forget" to take money with him on his travel,so it took him about 3 years to get to Somerset,but he finally arrived on the April 30,1455 to Chard,he worked a long time in the iron or stone mines before he could afford a small farm and house,he worked hard to earn money to be able to study in the University.

Present Edit

Luka "Luja" Frankopna currently lives in Chard with his Wife Ladybeegood.He is studying the way of the Army currently,but always had more interest in people and communication then in the suffering and pain that wars bring,so his choice to study the Army way cant be explained even by him.He is also a proud owner of a weaving shop called Rags to Riches and sells his goods for affordable prices.He is the Present Duke of Somerset,going for a second term with the political party The Patrons

Rags to Riches Price List Edit

The Prices are always negotiable and i guarantee you cheaper then the market prices

Former Edit

-Mayor of Chard(6 terms) -County Councilor of Somerset(5 terms) -2 terms Duke of Somerset -Public Prosecutor of Somerset -Corporal in Chard Somerset Armed Service -Head Mentor of Chard -First Cross-dresser-Mayor in Chard

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