—  Inland Port Town  —
Coat of arms
Motto: "Through fire and flames"
Country Ireland
County An Mumhain
Resource Lake
Province Province of Cashel
Diocese Diocese of An Caiseal
Colonised 24th April 1456
 - Mayor Serpens
 - Mentor Raella
 - Harbour Master Peg_jr
Population (28th May 1458)
 - Inland Port Town 61



A map of Luimneach and surrounding towns

Luimneach (in English, Limerick) is a lake town located in An Mumhain, Ireland. (This town no longer exists).

Nearby Towns and resourcesEdit

Inis, (this town no longer exists) An Mumhain lies to the north of Luimneach (this town no longer exists) and Imleach, also of An Mumhain lies to the south. A gold mine lies one node to the south of Luimneach. Luimneach produces fish and lies on a main north/south trade route for Chonnacht and An Mumhain counties.

Recent HistoryEdit

October 3rd, 1457 Renegade usurpers plundered Luimneach and it was flipped independent from An Mumhain. This was done by the NNGO's Obscene Outlaw Party Squad (Oops) army. General Donnor Tudor of the Oops army illegally seized the Mayor's post. The citizens were held in terror and had their money stolen by illegal and outrageous taxes. The citizens rallied and the rogue NNGO army was defeated and thrown out of Luimneach. Because of this, and also related to past wars, the people of Luimneach tend to be a proud and tempered people.

October 27th, 1457 The town once more became a part of An Mumhain. April 13th, 1458 Silverswain is elected as Mayor, replacing Jebeleandorel.

May 27th, 1458 Serpens becomes Mayor uncontested.


Currently, Luimneach has two taverns.

  • Ye Olde Limerick, Managed by the Town Hall
  • Travelers Haven Tavern, Owned by Aria with Fishlips as the bartender.