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Country Kingdom of England
County Mercia
Purpose A Village in Mercia (Node)

Ludlow was a forest town in Stafford, Kingdom of England. It is now a node on the western edge of Mercia

Location Edit

Ludlow is in the southwestern area of Stafford with roads leading north to Shrewsbury and south to Hereford.

Amenities Edit


  • The Ludlow Lodge and Taproom - Owned by the Town Hall


  • The Drunken Unicorn - Owned by Tizack (Now closed, but will be missed and forever remembered for THE place for a good time)
  • The Love Shack - Owned by Drasticjasper, bartended by Gawain59
  • Gravedigger Brewing Company Card Room - Owned by Philipthegravedigger, bartended by Supermartin

Major EventsEdit

  • Founding - 1455
  • Urshak Rebellion
  • First Ludlow Famine - 1455
  • Second Ludlow Famine
  • Failed WoS Revolt
  • The Great Migration - 1457 : Several residents of other towns and counties reclocated to Ludlow due to it's great activity and tavern fun.
  • Major Ludlow flood - March 1457: The Teme & Corve rivers overflowed due to a the melting winter snow. Some citizens almost drowned while others did die. Rainchaser77 even had a baby.

Active Citizens & Those deceased who will NEVER be forgottenEdit

  • Rainchaser77 - Lady Lorraine Stewart
  • Tuesday - Lady Rosamund Stewart Darnley (Tuesday Miller)
  • Tuvoria - Bishop Augustus Tuvoria
  • Myxti - Lady Jane Myxti de Balboa *See link for bio
  • Casperion - Daniel Casperion
  • Kenrich - Kenrich Stewart
  • Demecat - Arthurine Balintyne
  • PapaJay - Jay Stewart
  • Killed - William "Killed" Stewart (current Mayor)

Ronald van den Boss ; Tizack Langley ; Bishop Varnifane ; Syllvie (need family name)

  • More names & bios coming soon

Fun things to do in Ludlow Edit

  • Tavern hopping
  • Face painting
  • Overcoming town catastrophes
  • Gossiping
  • Castle events
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