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Lorcan Octavus, was born in Munster, Ireland in the year 1433, one half of a set of twin boys. His father often took him out on trading runs. One night, somewhere in the Celtic sea, a storm set in and Lorcan, now eight years old, was blown overboard. He was then picked up by a English trader and adopted into their family. He had a little sister, Kiera, who Lorcan loved dearly. He then made a name for himself as a young swordsman and took on his own house name, Rochford. Lorcan Rochord then left England to join a life of adventure on the high seas. Ten years later, he returned back to Ireland to find his brother and settle down.

Titles and Honours:

- Founder and Knight Marshal; Order of An Naigh Nasc [ Knights of Ireland]

- Leader of the Sacred Hammers Sept of the Clan O'Shaugnessy.

- Founder of the Children of Light, dedicated to the downfall of criminal organisations around the english speaking world.

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