Loch Garman (Wexford)
—  Closed City  —
Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Country Ireland
County Laighean
Resource Lake
Province Province of Dublin
Diocese Diocese of Ferns
Established 29 January 1457
 - Mayor None
 - Mentor None
Population (February 10, 1460)
 - Closed City 0
Loch Garman

A map of Loch Garman and surrounding towns


Loch Garman (in English, Wexford) is a lake town in An Mumhain, Ireland.

Loch Garman is a small fishing harbor in south-east corner of the Isle of Ireland, to the east of Port Láirge.

Loch Garman has closed and the citizens were moved to the Laighean town of Ceatharlach.


The town is famous for being the QG, of the Ordo Negrum Equites, and the town was taken once by ONE itself, when Holabar revolted against ONE authority.

Loch Garman was home to Laighean's first Countess, Bella, who formed the town's first army. Loch Garman is also known for the manslaughter of ONE's Ordo Negrum Equites "one-man-army."

When in January 1458, the ONE army including then-mayor Messalina, were away from Loch Garman, Card_shark revolted and took over the position of mayor in the town.

War and AnnexationEdit

Loch Garman is in Laighean County. Due to the Laighean Civil war, ONE turned the town independent and then Loch Garman was annexed by An Mumhain.

Following the war, Laighean County reclaimed Loch Garman from An Mumhain County control. However, Loch Garman was once again annexed and was placed under the control of An Mumhain County.

After Card_shark's revolution, Steven7788 and his Eire Restoration Army entered the town and turned Loch Garman independent once again. After that it was returned to Laighean.