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Coat of arms
Motto: (unknown)
Country Kingdom of England
County Westmorland
Resource Lake (known as The Pool)
Province Province of Canterbury
Diocese Diocese of Chester
Founded 17th July 1455
 - Mayor Sienan
 - Mentor Forge
 - Harbour Master Scot_mcfergus
Population (2 April 2012)
 - Town 116

Liverpool is a town in the Westmorland, Kingdom of England.

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Liverpool is in the south of the Westmorland, with a road leading north to Preston and a ferry 'cross the Mersey to Chester City.

Resources Edit

Liverpool is a fishing town that attracts many visitors who launch their boats on the Pool. The town also has an unusually large number of vegetable fields, many of which have been planted with strawberries.

To the north-east, there is an iron mine, in which up to 85 people may work.

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History & EventsEdit

(July 17th, 1455) Liverpool was founded.

(November 9th, 1457) Cill Chaoi (NNGO) is the first city in Ireland, and all of the English speaking realms to complete the first port and first ship. The first ship was sold to Lord Arogandor and his first mate Lector of the "Grail Lords Shipping Company". Bound for England the ship left the docks of Cill Chaoi on November 20th, 1457 carrying cargo and notable Irish passengers such as Dolina, Lady_Brianna, Maximiliaan, Nosferattus, and Jaseph. On December 9th their ship arrived successfully and safetly in Liverpool, England proving the seaworthiness of Irish NNGO ships. Many of the passengers are quite happy to be in England and are looking forward to starting a new life.


The first mayor (for one day), was Angelous, revolting before anyone could hire militia. Cognimaniac counter-revolted, and has been mayor almost ever since, handing over to Kath Sanders for a brief period in the autumn of 1455, and to Ainsley for two terms in the spring of 1456. As of December 1456, Ainsley is once again mayor.

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