Lily Cribbins
—  Lewes resident  —
Lily Cribbins
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
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Place of Residence 1 Kingsway, Lewes, Sussex
Affiliations Lewes Home Guard
In-game name Lily.cribbins
Account created 05 July 2017
Forum name Lily.cribbins

Eldest daughter of Fred Cribbins, and as such a member of the Winslow family.

Eighteen, and determined to make her own way in life rather than remain tied to the RGE and the Hott Fud wagon.

Weaver, shepherdess, enthusiastic miner and militia worker. Has ambitions to be a doctor someday.

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RP notes Edit

Not as mature as she likes to think she is - her old teddy bear is still by her bed.

Likes pink.

Sweet tooth

Still knows how to catch a rat for food.

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