Location Edit

Lezhë is located in the North-Western Region of the Kingdom. There are 2 roads, one leading to the North to the Kingdom of Bosna and one to the East. Lezhë is currently the only Town of the Kingdom of Albania.

It has wood as a natural resource and has access to the sea, making it an attractive place for commerce in the Mediterranean.

In order to go in Lezha, please contact the authorities prior to your departure, since the government is very careful with foreigners due to past conflicts and wars.

Resources Edit

Lezhë has got 1 gold mine.

Mayors Edit

3ltiran( 5x)

Gjon Buzuku (2x)

Leka_Dukagjini (3x and regent in different periods)

Koron Muzaka (2x)

Bardhi_i_madh (3X)

Rinori (2x)

Frasheri (Only two days)

Lord_Byron (2x)


Elius (2x)

Ibish_sakica (Few days , deposed by Black Eagle Army)

Koron_Muzaka (for some days as comandant of Black Eagle Army)

Dukedardani (for one day after a revolt , deposed next day by BE Army)

Koron_Muzaka (for 1 day as BE army leader , next day hold free election)

Spiro (15/16 days deposed by rebelion)

Inhabitants Edit

~ 500

Taverns Edit

  • Hani i Lezhes 1457 - Owned by the Town Hall
  • Te Shoki - Owned by Bardhi_i_madh
  • Hani Kastriotve&Dukagjinve - owned by 3ltiran
  • L&M(Leka&Mamica) - owned by Leka_Dukagjini and his wife Mamica_Kastrioti
  • TAVERNA MUZAKA - owned by Kontiuran
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