Level 6 is one of the levels of the new level system in Renaissance Kingdoms.


The Count's First Secretary says:

By Jah! Aren't you ashamed? Please get dressed first! (assuming you don't fulfil the clothing requirements)

To become a level 6 citizen,

  • you have to save 1600 pounds (more than the amount that you had on reaching level 2), practising two different professions (or to own 2500 pounds),
  • obtain 100 Reputation Points,
  • reach 60 in all your characteristics, and 120 either in Intelligence or in Charisma
  • and be elegant (trousers, shirt, belt, hose, hat and shoes or boots).


Treena tells us in the FAQ area of the forum: "To reach level 6 you must be wearing shoes, trousers, shirt, belt, hose, and hat. Boots and poulaines count as shoes. Toques and headscarves count for hats for men.". Corroborated from the In Game (IG) FAQ section Levelling Up.

Different methodsEdit

There are two methods for achieving Level 6:

Method 1Edit

Method 2Edit


While Method 2 is potentially faster (it requires less money), the amount of money which will be necessary for your studies as you pursue your way will be extremely large and it's generally a good idea to have plenty of money on hand.

To attainEdit

When you go to see the Count's First Secretary he will take 1000 pounds from you. You will need the remainder of your money to pursue your studies.


Level 7 is attainable for all way except science through gaining points through working in your way. Level 7 is reached through a not fully known mechanism which let the scholars with the most points advance a level.

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