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Lady Lavea de Lyle, Viscountess of Salford, formerly Earl of Leeds, Marquessate of Lancashire , Duchess of Nottinghamshire. Lady of Bramall Hall, formerly Pontefract Castle, Holker Hall and Newstead Abbey.

Lady Chamberlain to King Hezlog, Queen Molly, King Slon, King Rothgar, King Darien King Cullan, for a time Queen Aggnes, King Moratt and Queen Siren. Lady of the Wardrobe and Chief Lady of the Bedchamber to Queen Cookie. Lady in Waiting, Wisewoman, and Midwife to Queen Amalea.

Westmorland Rector, Westmorland and Lancashire Councillor, Manchester Mayor, Sailor "Jugs" on the Queen Anne's Revenge, Reputed Witch, Bar Maid and general Tavern Mischief.



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Suzywho was always convinced Lavea was a witch. Then she mysteriously disappeaed. As had two others who were involved in trials against Lavea for Criminally Negligent Somnolence. She certainly knew a lot about potions and read strange books in ancient languages. Some even whispered she was a Grinchavore in disguise. But if you ever asked her she just smiled sweetly and offered you some tea.


What is sure is she started life in small, traditional hamlet in the middle of the English countrside. The first official mentions on record of her are a meeting with a friend Asleigh in her hometown, and an interview with her in a newspaper about life as a new resident in Manchester by Thomas Poe, but according to her, her parents were Orvyn and Annora de Lyle, and she grew up with them and many whole and half brothers and sisters (her father had many children from his first wife who had died; and her mother had two children from her first husband - though the boy Arai had been lost at sea with his father leaving only the little girl). Though she wouldn't learn this till much later both her parents had interesting families.

From a very early age she wanted to learn and explore the world around her with a wide eyed enthusiasm, always asking questions and looking for new things. This sometimes got her into trouble, like as not to wander off after a squirrel into the woods to see where it lived and watch it play than to milk the cow as she was meant too. However for the most part this was tolerated with an exasperated affection in her early years. It was only later as her questioning began to develop into what she considered a healthy disrespect for authority that it began to wear thin. And after one particularly "passionate debate" her father had had enough and cast her out. With nowhere to go she headed as a vagrant for the nearest town of Manchester. Now here she wants to make the most of it and learn as much as she can about the world around of her, maintaining her wide eyed enthusiasm while having to learn the hard way about the reality of earning a living.

Mancunian weaveb
Lavea blue dress

Over the next two years many things happened to Lavea, though she likes to think she has maintained her wide eyed curiosity and KNOWS she has maintained her healthy disrespect ;-) She has made herself a place in Manchester, making many friends, though some have moved on and sought new pastures. She started by finding work in the mines and scrapping by till she could find a little house by the river. Then she worked hard in the fields, and found much as her father had once told her “fields do not simply till themselves”, and perhaps had to concentrate a little more on the fields and less on the squirrels than she once had, but she used the opportunity. Since she had to work the land she decided to find out all she could about it, asking anyone who would put up with her all about the cycles of the lands, the rivers and nearby forests, the plants and herbs nearby. As she did so she became increasing interested by the healing properties of many of the herbs and determined to find out more. As she learned more her farm yields began to increase, and soon she had enough money for a little workshop, allowing her in between the harvests and the ploughing to spend the evenings and cold winter days weaving and sowing to create tailored garments, clothes and even shields. She had always had a nimble hand and relished the creativity she could use as she patterned and designed the different pieces. She even picked up the delicate art of embroidery, and learned that some people make huge pictures from clothe to decorate the walls called tapestries, and hoped someday to make one. Another important art she learned when dropping off a new outfit to the local healer. He commented she had a fine stitch and asked if she would be interested in learning how to close wounds, and offered to teach her if she agreed to volunteer her evenings at the practise, an offer Lavea was overjoyed to uptake.

Laveas park

Lavea found she knew her way around the town well now, and enjoyed her life. Manchester was indeed a warm and beautiful place and the people were friendly, enjoying many festivals such as May Day which Lavea helped to organise. But despite its warmth and friendliness it was not immune to danger. Trouble was brewing. While Lavea had once stopped trouble makers messing around as part of the city militia this was different, and throughout both Thomas Poe and Lord Vampiros mayorships a number of attacks were made by the WOS against the town. Thanks to the brave citizens and impeccable leadership Manchester was saved, but it made Lavea all too aware of the dangers of the world. Determined to do more to help her town she was happy to accept a post as Ambassador to Chester with the hopes of improving relations, giving her a chance to expand her knowledge of the politics, as well as the lands and people. On visiting Chester Lavea was happy to be shown round by her new friends, including Lelafirebird and Stlayne. Still she felt she could do more for her town, and Lavea decided to run for Mayor. Then on the first day of her mayorship the WOS attacked with a force twenty six strong. With the great help of Lord Vampiro’s council and Aisafe’s military prowess the town prepared for battle. The battle was fierce and harsh, and the townspeople fought bravely. Neither side was sure which would win as the night drew out and fighting echoed through the streets. As the sun began to rise and the day approached the people looked about, and they could see that they had won. :-D A smaller after attack happened the next night and was repelled, and Lavea was extremely glad to know Manchester was not attacked again throughout her three terms.

Manchester tavern new year
Snigged lavea

Still there were other issues that needed addressing. The county was facing massive overproduction and the trade minister had stopped buying from the towns, and market prices began to go into free-fall. Thankfully the treasury of Manchester was doing well, and contacts in Beeston proved useful in establishing trade. Lavea even injected around £300 of her own money into town hall, as well as buying up a boat and ladder the town hall was unable to sell and defending the town for free to cut down on militia costs, so when she eventually passed on the mantel Luluh she could be confident the town finances were secure. She also established a price watch, and to try and keep the town a fun and active community she organised a harvest festival.

Amerilo dance
Westmorland ball crowning

Getting more established in county politics as mayor Lavea began to learn about some of the wider issues the county faced, and so when asked by Poe to run for the council she agreed. The main issue of the day was trying to get the county back in the black. Lavea experienced some conflict of interests here as she was still in her third term as mayor, and struggled with the contradictory demands of town and county as discussion commenced on buy policy, as well as some issues of cuts in defence spending on town protection levels and calls for financial openness and publication.

People in a pubb
Lavea and viceroy

As she finished her third and final term as mayor, and then her council term drew to an end Lavea began to long for a change. Her finances had been hit hard by mayorship and overproduction causing her fields to close down, so she determined to focus herself on self improvement with the aim of applying for university and furthering her knowledge of what the local healer was teaching her. Saving up by mostly working back in the mines where she had begun her time in Manchester she saved up enough money that, with an overnight loan, she might pay the first secretary to accept her as a student of science. Looking at the classes she could see study was a costly business, so reluctantly changed her field back to wheat from the sheep she had bred for over a year, keeping the sheep merely as pets and buying a few rams so that the could breed themselves in the meadows around her house.

Great cabin with people
Lavea in the orlop

Free now from her duties Lavea began to rekindle a desire to see the world and travel. She and Lela had often promised one day they would go travelling, and now the opportunity was here, so they set off on a tour of southern England, going as far south as Dorchester, Lavea becoming close friends with Louis Folger and Whitecaptain. Among their many mischeifs, she and Lela even waxed King Viceroy's hair! It was while travelling Lavea was honoured to learn that for her service to Manchester and Lancaster she had been awarded the title of Baroness of Salford.

Spanish lela and laveac

This combined with her studying of basics of history to prompt her to search her own family history. Her father had told her little of their family history, and though her grandfather had always insisted she and her siblings learn French as well as English and she knew her surname, De Lyle, was French in origin, she had no idea why, as they had been part of an entirely Saxon rural village that seemed as if it had been there forever. Searching the university and church archives she found that her great grandfather Robert had been second son of a Norman Baronette, Richard De Lyle. Her family had originated in L'Isle in France, or Lille as it was better known now. Coming across with William the Conqueror in 1066 they had been part of the invading army that had taken the country nearly 400 years ago, and in reward been granted a small plot of land in Lancaster. Thirteen generations on her great grandfather Robert had fallen in love with a local Saxon girl much to this displeasure of his father. Threatened with disinheritance her great grandfather had continued unperturbed and married her, and been cast from the family. So he joined her family on their farm, and when his father in law died without a son took over the farm. Lavea found it intriguing to learn she was of both Saxon and Norman blood, and wondered how many successions of people truly made up their great Isle.

Spanish court

Lavea returned to her home as great issues took up the county and talks of closures and mergers loomed. She was elected to the Council where she served as sheriff. Debate was strong and disagreements ran deep as people argued for their homes, but at last a new county Westmorland was agreed upon, and Lavea hoped it would be a good fresh start for the people. Lavea had been honoured to serve on the last council of Lancaster, and to accept the title of Vicountess of Salford for her services.

Church insidec

Lavea continued on her explorations, both in uni and in travel. Adventures continued with Lela and Louis on Queen Anne's Revenge, and she came to know Louis's sister Molly, who knocked her flat on her back in a friendly spar on deck ;). She worked hard to improve her medical skills with more professional training, eventually receiving her full medical doctorate, as well as any other skills she could pick up, soon even teaching a classes of her own and passing on what she had learned. Eventually her grasp of the universities was such that, much to her delight, she was elected to follow Ghostwriter on as rector of the University. Here she worked hard to maintain and build upon Ghostwriters monthly schedule, with the creation of a skills database for all scholar class citizens of Westmorland, as well as putting much effort into communication to try and improve attendance of teachers, and to share positions fairly at a time when university places where much in demand due to the closure of so many other schools around the country with their towns. Lavea also argued hard for the even distribution of subjects, including adequate provision for science and religious way students, not only army and navy way. While she saw the importance of defence, she also believed it was important for equal opportunity, and that one day the skills might be in more need.

Lavea vicountess
Lavea long hair edit

Lavea also began, through conversations with the now Regent Ghostwriter, to start to become more aware of national politics.

Port opening
Ghost and lavea coronet
Christines house b

And as her research into her own family continued at the university, Lavea discovered something quite amazing. Her mother Annora had had more exciting past than she'd ever let on. She was a minor member of the Tudor family by birth, but had run away to marry forbidden love. She and her husband had lived in Egremont, and there she gave birth to a son and a daughter. But then, when her husband and her twelve year old son went to sea, tragedy struck. A storm blew up and sunk their boat. Widowed and alone with her young daughter, no family to call upon, things seemed quite desperate. It was then she met a farmer in town to sell his wheat at the summer fair, Orvyn de Lyle. He too was recently widowed when his first wife died in childbirth, so he offered to marry her, and give her and her young daughter a home. She accepted and began her new life with Lavea's father, in the Hamlet a little way outside of Manchester. Looking through the records Lavea found one more surprise. While it was true her stepfather had died in the storm, it seemed her half brother had washed up, and was still alive! Contacting him and her Tudor relatives Lavea found herself happily welcomed into a new family, and with a new half brother, Arai.

Cookies Hen cookie dress lavea

After around nine months as rector Lavea had accomplished much in its hallowed halls. She was fluent in all known languages, and had mastered every class on offer, but for the religious ways, and even there she was making progress. She'd even been awarded the title Viscountess of Salford for her work, and been granted permission to begin construction of her own house, Bramall Hall. But the long nights studying by candlelight were taking their toll, and Lavea couldn't help but notice she looked a little paler in the mirror these days than she had been when the fields and streams had been her office.

She felt a desire to get out, and see the world once more, and was provided a perfect opportunity, when, quite unexpectedly (for she really had been rather secluded from news in the university library!), she received a message from her old friend Cookie, to tell her she was soon to be Queen! What's more she invited Lavea to travel with her as a Lady of the Bedchamber, and her Lady of the Wardrobe. Lavea didn't need asking twice.

Joining the party of Hezlog, Cookie, Tyg3r, Wildmoe, Kelci and Lady Shurelia (with whom there was a minor sword confusion) they began to head south, visiting all the towns of England. The chance to see so many new people and places was exciting, new friends including Nyan, Faith, Emvals and Pocket among them. Lavea was pleased to see since the closures there were no more dead towns, even if some were still more sleepy than others. Many towns were great fun, but Lichfield stood out as head and shoulders above the rest.

Painting in the garden
Westminster Abbey Groom and Maidsb

As Lady of the Wardrobe Lavea was almost overwhelmed by the excitement of getting to work with such exotic and beautiful fabrics and materials, she really had never had such freedom to weave before. The coronation was a joy, but the true pinnacle of her time as Lady of the Wardrobe was in helping Cookie plan her wedding, and the creation of many outfits for the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, and others beside. Lavea's loom and needle had never been so busy, and she'd never been happier, not least when Cookie asked her to be her Maid of Honour!

Robbery d

The downsides and dangers were also present. In September 1460 she and Hamish got cut off from the main group on the road from Southampton, and had to follow on after the main royal party. On the roads as dusk fell, they were attacked and in the confusion she and Hamish were separated! Lavea fought as best she could, but was soon beaten to the ground, and in the dim light as she fought consciousness, she saw Knightl and Edwardfarmer making off with her things! Struggling down the road, Lavea somehow made it to edge of Arundel, where she city guards quickly rode out to find Hamish, and Lavea was able to get some help. It was a tense time as they waited for news, but luckily soon the riders returned with a semi-conscious Hamish, the only loss would be things. Retreating for a little, she slept long, and soon enough was recovered for the rest of their journey, and was delighted to be made a member of the Privy Council by Hezlog as Lady Chamberlain.

Hez visits the Mercian dock b
Induction halld
Lady of Sharlott Loom 2
Thone room cookie
Groombridge garden

Her first act in this role was in organising a knighting ceremony for the Knights of St George. Lavea was full of nerves, and for some reason, found herself thinking back of home. She wondered if news of her ever reached home, for it was a very cut off place. She wondered if her mother and father Orvyn and Annora were well, if they ever thought of her, if they knew she was alive. She found herself feeling a little homesick. But the event allowed her to see firsthand the dedication of the people to their country, and the new young knights were full of determination and duty. Lavea smiled, and only hoped her service could help to adequately honour what they did.

Building Bramall

Lavea had never yet had much though to children, though she had always offered young Felicien Arnett a home ever since she had met him in the fighting on Queen Anne's revenge. But now Cookie was large with child and the days were rapidly passing. Soon her time came, and Lavea was able professionally to have her first go at assisting in the delivery of a child, and a prince at that, and personally able to be a part of the birth of the first child of a dear friend. Baby Kaiden was the most beautiful thing she'd ever seen.

Royal banquet
Front view

With Hezlog's sudden death saving a boy from a runaway cart, a mere week after his son's birth, the next event Lavea found herself in charge of was saddly his funeral. She did her best, and the event moved with a sombre sadness. With Cookie now a widow with a very young child, Lavea offered her to stay a while, and together they travelled back home to Manchester, to spend a while at the newly completed Bramall Hall.

Just being back in the fresh Northern Air seemed to be doing them both a world of good, and young Kaiden was more and more active every day. Lavea wondered with delight how long before she might start to be able to show him how to feed the ducks, or plant some herbs, or run after a squirrel or two to watch them play.

Lavea asleep in bar

She couldn't seem to stay out of trouble for long though, and soon she found herself being woken from a nice nap in the tavern to be brought up on charges in Manchester for Criminally Negligent Somnolence. Taking her stand and refusing pay the £5 cleaning bill, she went to court. Twice. The first time prosecutor Gretchen mysteriously disappeared for several months. The second time it was the judge. Lavea happily walked free.

She had fun taking part in various festivities, including a tourney, a murder mystery, and a circus, where she most certainly was not involved in any Grinchavore related mischief.

Lavea jail trib
Lavea dunk booth ready
Lavea tourneyred
Bathhouse lavea mud fightb
Santas groto outside

With new discoveries in medicine fast taking shape Lavea obtained her doctorate and began finally getting through the bulk of her studies, with just a few minor topics in relgiion to go. She began collecting herbs and mixing potions, and finally to make cures against potential diseases.

Circus tavernc

Troubled whispers of war where brewing, and asked by Louis to come on another adventure Lavea set off to help pick up a ship in Italy. It took... quite a bit longer than anticipated. Apparently Italien bureacracy is not exactly exemplary. But eventually they got what they came for and returned safely home to England. At least she'd managed to catch a lot of fish.

When she finally returned to Westmorland a lot had changed in the war, and people were working hard to recover. She spent a lot of time building up her supplies of potions to fight the diseases which had ravaged during the war. She continued her studies until she had mastered all the skills English Universities had to offer, and began to think of the continental books.

She accepted the job of Lady Chamberlain yet again, and was pleased to pull of the fastest funeral of a King (Darien), and what she quietly considered one of the best coronations done so far (Cullen) thanks to the County Dragons and the many entertainers, and Jaques the Chef.

Then there was the tiney, tiny, winey misunderstanding with Rominus, when he led a mob against her for his Inquisition for being a witch - and her hair got cut off! Well these things happen.

After that little mess she headed to Kendal to begin construction of her mansion. She was helped by Ltsmash who completed all the carpentry, and Arial123, Orzmund, Lfa and Drusiilla.r.m who completed the stonemasonary. Next to go was tapestries, but that would have to wait, for adventure called again with the Llewellynns.

The adventure did happen in the end, but not as she expected. Due to unforseen political turmoil, she discovered on reaching the south coast of England, Louis was unable to leave England, so the family trip to Alexandria was put on hold. She was also, by the end of Cullen's reign, feeling the burn out of the job, so after the boat race on the Thames and with the beginning of Queen Aggnes rule, she turned in her resignation as Lady Chamberlain, to look for new adventures. And since she was here in the south any way, she may as well take the long thought about hop over the channel, to France.

Arriving on the continent, she began reading the many books there, and soon she finally felt she had a good grasp of theology. On the 12.08.1463 she completed her masters, having finally gained all the known skills the universities had to offer.

That done, she wondered if she should return to complete the tapestries in her mansion. But somehow, the road had her feet itching to take it, and she set out on foot for adventures new.

She crossed France without incident, but travelling through the Alps she was robbed for the first (and luckily only!) time on her trip. And more lucky still, all she had on her at the time was her lunch, the thief making off with only a few rolls of bread and some celery, and nothing more.

Still without her lunch she was hungry, and she was three days from the nearest town, still she just about staggered in, only for the town malitia to turn up and threaten to throw her in jail!

Apparently she didn't have the proper paperwork. It was all soon resolved for the payment of £50, but still, it had not been the nicest of journeys over the mountains. But now she was here she began to appreciate the beauty and heat of the Mediterrean real, the Italian sun made her skin glow in the pleasant warmth and the lakes were cool and clear. Besides, she'd learned an important lesson about always messaging ahead.

It was a very long walk. And at times the roads seemed very quiet. She often saw few people at all. The road from Croatia to Serbia was perhaps the scariest of all so far, for it was 10 days of walking with not a town to be seen.
The Wardrobe- dress upe
Still she passed safely, and she tried to speak to the locals whenever she saw them, and many were very kind, and even tried and talk to her in her own language. She enjoyed getting to know many of them and it struck her how similiar people were everywhere. But sometimes they could not speak English, and her attempts to speak theirs were even worse!
Lavea office
So when she got to Harmanli in Turkey, what a welcome sight! Shurelia and Cynth! Sitting in the bar. She stayed about two weeks while they talked and reminisced. After so long it was good to speak with old friends in a language she knew. They also gave her sound advice on the road ahead. 26 days each way, on a road where no horse could trot! She was going to need a big food supply, and a wagon to carry it.
The final town before the big push was Tavsanli, and Lavea stayed there nearly a month building up food for 52 days, not to mention buying a wagon. But the mayor of the town was nice, and they spent a good few evenings chatting. She was content staying here, it seemed so safe, and the road so long. But on she must go, so she finally headed on. The sun was hot, and road pleasant as she walked along the coast among the palm trees and brush, the land still green.
Shurelias kitchen 2
The first few days she met one other traveller returning the other way, who said the road had been safe for them. It made Lav feel happier, for she had no desire to be caught 26 days from town with no food.

The road became hotter as she went down the coast, the grasses turning to sand, the coastal winds to a desert blow.

When suddenly she saw an oasis. That seemed odd. She checked her map, node 2482. There was not meant to be anything here, just more road, yet here it was, an odd cliff and a fishing village. She bought some whelks from them, and they tasted fresh and delicious after the long days of dry bread.

And there was a cliff. She climbed it, higher and higher, and a strange glass lens was on top. Suddenly, something was asking her if she wanted to jump off the cliff and fly. What? That was crazy? Fly, she couldn't fly? And still the voice called. And suddenly she jumped! And ouch, she was custard on the ground. Good thing the ground was soft sand, and the local merchants were willing to patch her up and feed her for a few days. It had been a very silly idea.

Still when she was rested three days later, she climbed again, this time at midday, and looking accross she saw an old man in his island cave. She went to him and spoke to him, but she told her off for not having the right armour. So in the end she had to leave. Still it was an interesting experience.

Finally she made it to Alexandria. It was a hustling and bustling city, all full of colour and music and exoitic foods. She ate Barracudas and dates till she could eat no more. She bought a dancing dress of fine flowing silks, that felt good on her skin and even better in the heat. She saw the Lighthouse, and she visited the library, though the guard was very grumpy. And she saw more beauitul things than she knew how to describe.

She was sad when at last it was time to go, but she knew it was time. Travel makes home all the fonder, and to get home a good three months of walking at minium awaited her.

Then, as she was approaching the secret oasis she had passed on her way, she was surprised to see many masts sails over the hill. At first she was a little excited, perhaps she could get passage with these ships, and a quicker way home! But as she approached she quickly saw these were no ordinary ships. These were ships captained by Efesto, Diego_alatriste, Annebonny, Catouline, Vonsigmar, Kohan_maelaig and Motep. 7 ships all coming in and out of habour. She met two of the crew, Diego_alatriste and Virginio, at their local hideout, Covo Della Banda e Dei Cazzari Neri, but she didn't stop to talk for long. As soon as she could, she set out again, pleased not to have really been spotted.

Perhaps emboldened by her relatively robbery free journey here, she felt somewhat emboldened on her return journey, and she slowed as she began to buy things in whichever markets she passed. In Turkey she brough yoghurt, in Bulgaria she bought Tokay, in Croatia she bought Retsina, in Venice olives and olive in oil, in Italy she bought ham and wine and grapes. She bought a silk shirt, and a fur cape, and a big bear rug for the floor. Her biggest purchases of all were in Smederevo in Serbia, where she stayed over a month and bought a black cat for £450 - and with the help of Spartacus bought a beautiful feast table for £1000! She was getting overlaiden with goods by now and beginning to worry more and more she would be robbed the closer she got to home.

Still everyone she met seemed nothing but lovely. In partilcular Uggya in Portogruaro, who showed her round town, and all the wonderful people she met in Alessandria, Italy - Dinful, Babxbba, Ludovico_michele, Monique., Invisible, Nilenia, and the wonderful Mayor Stormhawk who showed her round the gallery to see all their paintings, including an incredible portrait of Queen Aggnes.

She crossed the Alps by a different way, communicating by letter now with Moratt and the French embassy for the safest route, for she had heard the roads were still very dangerous following fighting that was going on. Largely she found small French villages, extremely quiet and glad for a visitor or two.

As she approached the northern coast of Normandy she was happy to be nearly home, and bought some casks of Champagne to celebrate. She climbed back aboard a boat, where and took her to Lewes, then Liverpool where she bought a turkey and strangely a snowman, and finally she was home.

Home sweet home. She had planned to buy her tapestries, but she found her tastes had grown finer, and instead she bought up stocks of whiskey, cider, ham and 7 types of fish. She bought a luxurious new four poster bed and a second cat. She got into an agreement to buy a large amount of herbs from Kabael - and then Christomas came round and she found herself buying a pregnant polar bear from a merchant, and goats milk, and an Aristotlean Medal, and expensive beer pints, and chestnuts, liqueur sweets, candy canes, and yet more hams! Her spending seemed to be getting faster and faster, more and more out of control. So much so that Kabael got very angry with her and sold the herbs to someone else! She tried inviting him and his sister Alfsigr_rosendal over for some Karakadey all the way from Egypt, but even that only made things worse. What could you do when Egyptian Hibiscus, vanilla and lemon for all their exotic cost didn't solve things! And now the pregnant bear had given birth she had four polar bears running round the lake! Lavea was feeling miserable and out of control.

She made a rather hurried trip to Ireland. She heard by way of letter that the Christomas festivities had brought an Irish woman named Emeria a pendant necklace that she did not need, and Lav knew how rare they were, and had wanted one for years. Perhaps this would make her feel a little happier. Another journey, new people to meet, and new treasures to find. The journey was rather long and she felt rather seasick as they went, despite the expert and kind captaining of Jasmyne.macallan and Bartram on the Jabberwocky. It was fair to say she wasn't feeling quite herself, and she spent rather longer than normal sleeping in her cabin. But as she made landfall she was happy to explore a new town, and after a few days exploration got the necklace with ease. The market was good, and the sight of all the eels and goat's cheese on the market made her mouth water. Mmm, she wondered if cheesey eels would taste good?

On her return journey she ran into the Royal Party in Liverpool, and joining on became Lady Chamberlain again, running the coronation where the royal regalia got rather muddy, helping with the Royal wedding where they got rather wet exploring some caves, held a very colourful contest between the King's men and Queen's ladies, attended as wisewoman and midwife to the birth of Princess Rinon A. W. Rondoval, and ran the Dragon Tourney. For her efforts she was awarded the Duchy of Nottinghamshire, and as the poor scribes could only count to three, to make things easier for them she gave up the Earldom of Leeds, to Adelaide Sharpe-McDermott. Alas shortly after poor Moratt went they way of Kings.

After finishing the royal tour she returned north, stopping briefly at Manchester to work on her growing dining set, before heading onto Kendal, where with the help of Kitsada she finally hung the tapestries about her mansion, and dared to call it open and fit for human habitation. It's nice to have a mansion.

Then came another monarch with Queen Siren, and another even more sandy coronation.

A mystic gave Lav some strange advice , "And yet, you are alone. One of Jah's treasures, unrecognized by most... Do not lose hope, for you are precious."

Strange indeed Lav thought, for there were disappearances everywhere. She was losing herself in penguins cats, she bought 21 shawls and 13 snow cats. She bought fountains from Keliah and dye pots by the hundred from Alfsigr Rosendal! She didn't know what to do!

When quite unexectedly, Lav found herself in a new adventure, with Kabael Rosdendal, Ele Wylde, and Anticlea, facing off against a monk called the High Turkey and his confession prompting sweets. Through some close scrapes, the near destruction of Bramall, and with the help of a bounty hunter, a witch, a nun and Jah they were triumphant, and Lav found love at the top of a tower beneath the stars.

Happily Ever After though is never simple. And after the initial period of bliss, realities came quickly on their heels. Firstly, though thought dead in a ship wreck, Anna Rose it turned out had been alive all this time. The reunion between Anna and Kabael, the joy of finding her alive, the pain of the separation, and the truth of the love Kabael and Lav had found in the meantime was hard for all. It passed, but left it's marks to be dealt with, and Lav found Kabael withdrawn.

She did get to introduce Kabael to her family, though that too left her in more turmoil than before as to where their relationship actually lay.

And then, Lavea realised at the back of her mind the most truely horrifying, terrifying thing she ever had in her life. She was pregnant. Dun dun dun.

But before she could process this enough to tell herself, let alone anyone else, Kabael set off to sea in search of the Khan's plough, and was gone for months.

Lav busied herself with glassmaking with a new friend Luca, and as the pregnancy grew fell deeper into trouble with Luca's family, the Venetian glassmakers guild as she infringed on their intellectual property rights as a pro-mafia.

Still she found happiness with her new maid Izzy, as well as the other household staff she had finally employed. Her dependable steward Ralph, the indominable Mrs Kate Brooks her cook, Millie the Maid and Kain the stableboy. Who would soon all be joined by Izzy's sister Violet. Significantly she was also joined by a bard, Danniel De León, famed poet, musician, troubadour, and entertainer extraordinaire, protégé of the esteemed and forever timeless Julian Alfred Pankratz, Viscount de Lettenhove aka Dan, Daniel Harper, with his faithful mule Geralt.

With the help of Ant, Ele, Luca, Dan, the Prince's Guard, and even the local tavern Gossip Julie they finally overcame Orsino after a family betrayal, an explosion that blew away half a tavern, a battle in the forest, and Lav going into labour right in the middle of it.

Just in the nick of time Kabael returned to witness the birth of their daughter Elfreya de Lyle. Lavea knows she is not prepared for this challenge, but she will face it as best she can possibly do.

The first few months of Elfreya's life passed in a blurry whirlwind that Lav was only half awake enough to be aware of. There were many happy moments, particularly rebuilding the kilns and helping Ele to rebuild her tavern after a robbery. However a sad realisation grew in Lav's heart too. Kabael, as much as she loved and cared for him, had been away so long, and was so busy with his duties, that the two had drifted apart. There was no great explosion, no dramatic moment. But a gentle fading day by day, till Lav's heart wept to realise there was nothing left of the passionate 'in love' that had been. She was determined to remain close though, and she hoped that when Kabael had more time he could still be the apple of his daughter's eye.

Lavea doesn’'t know what the future holds, but whatever it is she looks forward to it with joy and enthusiasm, and just a bit of healthy disrespect for authority :-P

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