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Country Kingdom of England
County Devon
Purpose Village in Devon (Node)


Launceston was a town situated in the County of Cornwall in South-Western England. Launceston is north-east of Fowey, and north-west of Plymouth. The town of Launceston also faces the Celtic Sea to its west. On the 28th of Febuary in the Year of our Lord 1459, the remaining 75 people of Launceston relocated to Barnstaple within the newly formed county of Devon. The relocation brought much relief to the townspeople after dealing with the latest Zombie Invasion of 1459. The citizens of Launceston took the liberty of a free move within the new county of Devon.

The last days of Launceston were governed by Sirrick as Mayor, Sealord as Mentor, and Mok as Harbormaster. It should be noted, Launceston held 4 seats(33%) of the last Cornish Council (Jan 21 - Feb 27 1459).


The Loaded Hog (Town Tavern, closed as of 28 Febuary 1659)

Town Information[]

Launceston possesses a natural port , but does not have one built to build ships or to accommodate large amounts of shipping.

Notable Townsfolk[]

(In alphabetical order, not order of importance)

  • Anito
  • Aserghui
  • Avia
  • Dnalore
  • Eraine
  • J-Darst
  • Lady_Roberta
  • Moaskey
  • Peterke
  • Sealord
  • Sirrick

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