Of the many known people in Renaissance Kingdoms, Launcelot is one of them. Famously known for robbing and taking over towns on a whim, most everyone knows his name. Below is a list of the towns he has taken over and other such things. His group of fellow friends are called the Lost Boys

Scotland (6) (1 more in an army) Westmoreland (8) Devon (1) Sussex (2) Mercia (4) Ireland (3 in an army)

Lost Boys on the Rampage Nov. 2010: Birmingham Dec. 2010: Stafford, Preston, Chester, & Beeston Jan. 2011: Hastings Feb. 2011: Warwick Mar. 2011: Evesham

Executed once. Jailed twice (13 days). Fined three times. (1115 pounds)

Wounded at the Battle of Muirkirk, and later killed by the Cumberland Mountaineers while attempting to cross the Scottish/English border.

Former self-appointed Mayor of Ayr, Birmingham, Kendal, Hastings, Warwick and Stafford City.

Veteran of Two Foreign Wars: Fury I (Battle of Muirkirk) and NNGO vs. Munster II. (17 kills)

He ran for King, but lost sadly.

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