Lauda of Lewes, Viscountess of Lewes, was born on Dec. 11, 1455. A Level 3 resident of Sussex, Lauda is studying Medicine and is a Sussex Army soldier, owner of Two Tasty Tarts bakery, a corngrower, and five-term member of Sussex Council, where she has served as Spokesperson and as Trade Minister. She is former Sussex Ambassador to the County Palatine of Lancaster, and served as Lewes representataive on the Sussex Social Committee. Lauda founded the Sussex Town Mentors Guild, established the Lewes Town Council and innovated an effective co-mayorship in Lewes. She was a signatory to Sussex's Plan for Relations with England. Half-sister of the late Tadulla de Balboa McClaren, she and her friends won the 1456 Best Drama RP Award for the English Isles. She has a particular interest in a certain carpenter of Lewes.

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