Lance Evermore
—  Dover resident  —
Lance Evermore
Coat of arms
Personal motto: Virtute et valare ego volo æternus. "Through virtue and valour, I fly eternal."
Full title Lord Lance Evermore, Baronet from Dover
Place of Residence (unknown), Dover, Sussex, England
Affiliations Knights of the Realms of England, English College of Heraldry, Sussex College of Honours and Arms, Jousting Guild
In-game name Lance
Account created September 16th, 2009
Forum name Lance

Lance Evermore (12 June 1438 – Present) is the son of Gallahan.

Full Title Edit

Lord Lance Evermore

Coat of Arms Edit

His coat of arms (Purpure, a Chief Embattled Ermine, a Griffon Statant Or) is his own revisions of his fathers personal coat of arms. Unlike his father, Lance planned to use his coat of arms in more of a military sense, and thus made provisions for his own coat of arms to be much more easily read on the field of battle.


Early YearsEdit

On the 9th of September, 1457, Lance arrived in Sussex England, from Ireland.

Military Career Edit

Family and Marital Status Edit

Lance is the last know living member of the House of Evermore.

Oculus Edit


Oculus shortly after being found.

On the 7th of October, 1457, Lance Adopted a small Hawk that he had found abandoned on the side of the road to The Stumble Inn tavern. Currently the species of hawk of Oculus is unknown but is believed to be from a foreign continent as his markings seem to be unique.

OOC Edit

After the in-game eradication of Gallahan due to lack of interest, and forum revision. The person who created Gallahan started the character of his son, Lance.

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