Many of you have complained at how poorly you profit from fishing in our town lake. If you have a Boat, you can get to the better spots to fish. However, you will need both Strength and Intelligence to use a boat and to move to find the good fishing positions.

Here is a quick guide to show you how this works:

Before beginning what do you need or keep in mind?

It is counseled for a fisherman to have sufficient Strength (6 points) to go to the 6th line (1 SP => 1 line) It is also counseled to have sufficient Intelligence to be able to move many times (at least 5 points would be sufficient) and to catch at least one fish a day. At the end of day, you fish on the last box on which you clicked (even if you have some move's points left). It is necessary to be sure to have buyers for your production. It is useless if you are unable to sell your fishes (except if it is for your personal consumption ofcourse). It is possible that the Town Hall buys your fish at a certain price. Once you have selected a box, "Fishing" will be your day's activity! So be careful, there is no coming back possible!


About the fishing:

The number of moves is linked to the Intelligence (IP => Intelligence Point).

0-4 IP => 2 box 5-9 IP => 3 box 10-14 IP => 4 box 15-19 IP => 5 box

and so on... You can then choose the most productive box

Your productivity is linked to your Strength. Each point let you fish further from the shore. (1 SP => 1st line, 2 SP => 2nd line...)

You must own a boat to go fish further than the 6th line. It allow you to increase your productivity more and more. The average price of a boat is between 130 and 160 pounds.

You can buy a boat, but you cannot sell yours if you have used it at least once. You will only be able to throw it away (not recommanded!).

You can see the positions (X, Y) in your web-browser's status bar by moving your mouse over the box.

You cannot know the yields of a box before clicking/moving on it... but many towns have a specific topic in their forum where you can find the best "spots" (they are randomized each day). The yield of 100% = 1 fish, all % above or under will be kept for the next fishing expedition.

Useful information:

- To get help with the best fishing spots in Ardencaple everyday, please consult our fishing map

- Fishes' average price: usually from 17.5 to 18 pounds

- Seas are rough sometimes, and boats may sink (about once a month) . No harm for you and your fishes ... but you need a new boat then.

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