—  The Gypsy Princess  —
Coat of arms
Personal motto: I kissed a sheep and I liked it!
Full title Tarno Kralisi Melle Lafayette De Razieau of Eire, Royal Gypsy Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Raynbow Harem
Place of Residence (unknown), The Gypsy, Inis, An Mumhain
Affiliations Gypsies
In-game name Ladymarshmellow
Account created 28 November, 1454
Forum name Ladymarshmellow Ladymarshmellow

Marshy sheep

A marshmellow sheep

Player InformationEdit

Level : 3

Reputation Points : 255

Ladymarshmellow is a miller.

Ladymarshmellow has one wheat field.

Role Play descriptionEdit

Like most tales of intrigue and mystery, this one starts of with a kidnapping, assumed identities, and of course, french people. But Marshy finds this part of her life particular boring to tell and thus doesn’t feel the need to share.

What she does find interesting seems to revolve around bartending (which she hasn’t done for months), traveling (she hasn’t left Cashel since she was murdered by Laighean armies in February), and being mischievous….which without travel or anyone who shares a love of mischief around, has been quite difficult to do.

Living a much more subdued life than what she is used to, Marshy now lives the easygoing life, but is quickly running out of things to do.

Currently, Marshy is: moving across Ireland with a fish-pirate wench and an unsuspecting squire. (fishing trip to follow)

Where I’ve been:Edit

Chard, Somerset

Bridgewater, Somerset

Bath, Somerset

Bristol, Somerset

Gloucester, Somerset

Dorchester, Wiltshire

Evesham, Worcester

Warwick, Worcester

Worcester, Worcester, Worcester

Hereford, Worcester

Birmingham, Stafford

Coventry, Stafford

Lichfield, Stafford

Derby, Stafford

An Caiseal, An Mumhain

Lios Mór, An Mumhain

Port Láirge, An Mumhain

Imleach, An Mumhain

Luimneach, An Mumhain

A node between Lis and PL because Fae forgot to feed her horse and it died

Ceatharlach, An Mumhain (heh heh heh)

Cil Cha…..(omg who) Kill Kenny, Indyville

Loch Garman, Somewhere

Where I want to go:Edit

Everywhere else (I hear weeeeeird stuff happens in Sussex)


26-06-2009 04:10 : Your revolt was a great success! There were a dozen of you against a squadron of valorous soldiers.

26-06-2009 04:10 : Congratulations! You have taken control of the town!

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