Is now passed into the summerlands RIP my friend

Steps off the dock into a strange place, nothing like the home she left behind. I head into town to see the mayor and find a suitable dwelling.

After being on the same Island Eorsa for so long this place is very strange to her. Her travels have made her leary of new people. But this is a new place so i must give people a chance. She takes her time and is very cautious with new people she is meeting. But so far she is liking her new home here.

At the ripe age of 19, 5'6 with long slightly wavy auburn hair, tiny nose, full lips and green eyes, slender frame, with very strong legs (all those days walking up and down mountains to get home) My father(Fergus Munro) was a fishermen (deceased) ,and mother (Sara MacRae) was a medicine/healer or as the town said a witch.(deceased) Dwelling was burnt to the ground while parents slept after she healed a sick child, the town was scared having a healer and took care of it. I just barely escaped, my friend Eric gave me a map for a place in Galloway to start fresh. Lived in a dwelling in the forest of Eorsa an island off of Mull. Now after a long trip at sea i am calling Wigtown my new home. Very different from a life in the forest but i shall make due.

Long live Scotland, i will fight and defend what i love.

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