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Kusari Family is one of the biggest and oldest families of Albanian Kingdom

The Membership of Kusari Noble Family

. It is headed by Rilindas Bardh Kusari containing 29 members. 

Kusari became a noble family due to his services done for the Kingdom. The family was founded by Bardhi_i_madh, who was one of the most important people that established the Albanian Kingdom.

The structure of  leadership []

The head of the family is Rilindas , together with his brothers, Exon , Durimi1 , Click .

The Membership of Kusari Family:

♕ The Ancestry of Kusari Noble Family ♕[]

The origin of Kusari Family is not known properly, but is speculated that they were descended from a group of albanians who fled the mountains during the Slavic invasion in Albanian lands. The surname was taken due to the activity which had provided their life, called "Kusarllek" (footpad), attacking the Serbian and Byzantine caravans passing through Gjakova highlands in the direction of Shkodra and throughout Albania. The family soon settled its authorities in the vicinity of Highlands of Gjakova and on the time that it was announced the establishment of the Albanian Kingdom, Kusari Family began rising. The main personalities that the family had before the integration in the Albanian Aristocracy, are slightly known many , but the legend mentioned this line :

The raise of Kusari Family in the Aristocratic Hierarchy of the Country began with an illegitimate child, recognized as Bardhi_i_madh , who became renowned in Albanian Kingdom as a skilful worker and an honest man. During the year of 1457 Kusari Family was recognized by the authorities of the country as a Noble Family in the vicinity of Gjakova and soon due to the excellent work that Bardhi had done for the Kingdom, he was rewarded with the noble title: Viscount of Hasi, which automatically raised as well the position of Kusari Family in the Aristocratic Hierarchy of Albanian Kingdom. In October, 1457, Kusari family properties arose in the Duchy level, taking the expanded province of Luma. Today the Family is leaded by the second oldest son of Bardh Kusari, Rilindas Kusari.

Whereas, the main possessions still comprise the highlands of north-east of Albanian Kingdom, prominently and firmly, Kusari Family has been found residing for the past 5 years in Lezha, next to the Royal Palace, providing their patriotic and governmental services.

However, lately, teamwise with other royal families of Albanian Kingdom, Kusari Family has decided to relax on the shores of the marvelous Mediterranean Sea, in the beauteous city of Castellón, Reino de Valencia, Corona de Aragón.

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