—  Ayrshire resident  —
Kondo Headshot
Kondo coat
Coat of arms
Personal motto: experientia magistra stultorum
Full title Alistair "Kondo" Matheson
Place of Residence (unknown), Ayrshire, Ayr
Affiliations RSA
National Assembly of Scotland
In-game name Kondo
Account created June 2, 1456
Forum name Kondo

Lord Kondo is a citizen of Scotland.

He is a monk of the Cistercian Order in the St.Arnvale Abbey in Noirlac. A Scotland loyalist, he fought in the Battle for Muirkirk and the Battles for Girvan. He runs the Boar and Anvil tavern in Ayr and raises swine. He desire a Scotland where one day harmony and Jah's peace would rule rather than constant clan and county fighting. As such he seeks to minister to his town and country to see such an end met.


Growing up at sea till the age of 13, Kondo has little knowledge of his past or lineage. He was told growing up that he was separated from his family when a storm shook their craft to pieces; it has been said, that at the age of five, Kondo was plucked off of floating debris by a merchant ship and later 'volunteered' to another crew that could accommodate him.

Not knowing his origins or whether his family lives Kondo is left with merely his name inscribed on a sandstone necklace. Though "Kondo" has an African origin he doesn't know if he hails from its shores or merely was called that as a child because of the word on the simple necklace.

As Kondo the young boy became a young man he grew weary of life as seaman and desired something better for himself. During an overnight trading stop in one of the merchant ports of England, Kondo sneaked off his ship into the thick fog along the shoreline. Knowing they would come looking for him he made his way up the coast, staying out the the larger merchant ports for fear of being found by his old crew. He made a modest living as a traveling laborer for several years; mending nets for fisher families and working the land of modest farmers.

Coming to the thriving town of Drummore nearly two years later he decided to settle down and see about making a life there; working toward a better position for himself and his posterity.

Initially working in the county's mines, Kondo saved enough to buy the first thing of value he'd ever owned - land, and he works that land for wheat to this day.

Kondo believes that his family may still live and that the stories of dramatic past may have been fabricated. Scotland feels like home and while he works and prospers within it, he seeks to know the truth of his past and perhaps his family's present.

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