—  Resident of Ludlow  —
Komas (head)
Coat of arms
Personal motto: (unknown)
Full title Lord of the Twin Lakes
Place of Residence (unknown), Resident of, Stafford
Affiliations N
In-game name Komas
Account created Aug 02, 2010
Forum name Komas

Short HistoryEdit

Komas was born and raised in Lewes, Sussex by his parents, Jobe and Mary. They lived in a nice house out by the fishing lake of Lewes. When he grew up, he went to Hastings to live for 18 months. While there, he ran for mayor and lost with a %30 vote. This discouraged Komas so he found refuge in the church of Hastings. When he returned to the world, he had nothing but rags on his back, 50 pounds, and 3 loafs of bread. Finding his way out of Hastings, he found Lewes. Komas settled there, in hopes of building a new future, which he did. He found his beloved cousin Clyppie within two weeks of his arrival. He quickly got himself situated and built himself on the best foundation there was. He was a memeber of the Lewes Militia and worked on other's farms.

One day, he decided to go and visit a friend of his in Hastings, the other canidate for mayor when he ran. They were friends in the end, and put the race behind them. A day after he left Lewes' gates, he encountered a group of 3 armed robbers in the street. Being a part of the city milita, he tried to fight them off, but failed. He was taken captive and never heard from again, until now.

Komas managed to escape his captors on the Stafford border while they were in town, gathering supplies after fleeing Sussex. He escaped and found his way to Ludlow, where he is right now, rebuilding himself for his return to Lewes, Sussex.


Komas has a cousin, Clyppie, currently living in Arundel.

Life in LudlowEdit

When Komas escaped his captors on the Stafford border, he immedately found refuge in the town of Ludlow, with only the rags on his back and a few supplies he stole from the robbers. He was greeted warmly after about 3 days of being there, by the town mentor. Being a very kind woman, she offered him a job, which he kindly declined due to the fact he knew he was going to leave soon. Komas has planned his departure from Ludlow to Lewes very soon, in hopes to see his dear cousin, Clyppie, again.

But the fact of the matter is, he likes it in Ludlow. After he got a field from the county, he decided to stay until he needed to return to Lewes.

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