Knights of the Realms of England


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Currently constituted
HRH Slon of England
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Knight Commander
Knight Protector
Knight Castellan
Rose Castle, Cumberland, Okehampton Castle, Cornwall,

The Knights of the Realms of England, also known as Knights of the Realm and KotR, is a chivalrous order based in England. The current leadership, known as the Triumvirate, are Knight Commander Trisalene Danaeuc (Trisalene), Knight Protector Aandra, and the Knight Castellan, Emrys_Ambrose. There is also a council of senior members, the Knights of the Round Table.

A subgroup also exists, the Prince's Own Unit, which is a unit primarily used as an honour guard for the Prince Regent for formal occasions such as Knightings.

The OathEdit

I shall obey the laws of England and honour my peerage.
I shall defend the realm, its lands, King and people.
I dedicate myself to the noble pursuit of Honesty and justice.
I pledge myself to support of my fellow man.
I dedicate myself to the persecution and cessation of poverty and hunger.
I pledge myself to the protection of the weak.
I dedicate myself to the cause of Good and the fight against Evil and Injustice.


The CodeEdit

A Knight of the Realm is Brave, Charitable, Honourable, and Just.
A knight exists for the welfare of the poor and downtrodden, and the defence of the realm.
A knight will protect the weak without thought of compensation.
A knight honours his peerage with word and deed.
Cowardice and cravenness are the basest of dishonours.
A knight will be merciful in victory, and noble in defeat.
A knight will care for his patronages as they are the measure of his honour, value, and respect among the peerage.

Chain of CommandEdit

Any Knight of the Round Table is empowered to give direct orders to any knight of the order. Failure to comply is considered dereliction of duty.

Each sub order has an appointed leader, although said leaders are more for administrative purposes they act and convey orders as bid by the Knight Commander, The Castellan, or the Knights of the Round.

Beyond that all knights of respective levels are considered equal in said level.

However, when events and such are considered, Knights will be presented in order of precedence.

A knight's precedence in the order is determined by four things.

  1. The size of the Knight's train. (the number and rank of the knights retainers).
  2. The knight's RP level.
  3. The knight's other entitlements, re: Noble rank and peerage.
  4. The knight's renown for knightly deeds.

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