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The Knights of Gwydion coat of arms

The Knights of Gwydion (KoG) are a group of Raubritter or Robber-Knights led by Robert 'Sparky' Steele currently based in the Kingdom of England.

"Serve the Land. Not the Law"

The Knights of Gwydion are not bound by blood, but by spirit. They are more than just colleagues in arms, rather like a family. Most of them grew up in different places with different people and bring their own experiences to the group, enriching the diversity within yet having their own way of contributing.


The Knights of Gwydion came to be when Robert 'Sparky' Steele along with a group of like minded associates who would be the first members of the KoG planned to conquer the city of Manchester on a cold chilly night in February of 1467. Subsequently the city hall was stormed and the town passed into control of the KoG, with Robert Steele being proclaimed as the 'Rightful' King of England. However, the nature of their operation meant a tactical retreat from city and Manchester was soon reclaimed by the status quo, though the Knights would go on to plunder nearby farms and traveling caravans.

After a failed attempt to take the city of Liverpool, the KoG made their way into Scotland in preparation for what was next to come, picking up more supporters on the way, many of whom would later become annointed Knights.

Forming the Sovereign Town of Penrith:

In Scotland, the Knights formed an alliance with the famed Wolves of Sherwood who were represented by Rai "Raider." Sherwood and traveled up from the south of England while another alliance with the renowned FURY of Scotland, represented by Cheatorious was established by Richard "Smudger" Irvine, a Knight Commander of KoG.

The Siege of Penrith

April 3rd: A brave band of men and women infiltrated the walls of Penrith with Dash De Vanmere of former FURY fame leading the charge and seizing control of the town hall on behalf of KoG. They would go on to valiantly defend the center of town from local resistance while the next phase of their plan was set in motion.

3 days later an army called "The Knights of Gwydion" filled with KoG, Wolves of Sherwood, FURY and more led by Raider. arrived and established order, raising its banner over the gates and declaring it independent of the Kingdom of England. Hence, the Sovereign Town of Penrith was formed with Robert 'Sparky' Steele crowned as King.

The fall of the town along with its eventual independence stirred the county of Westmorland into action, of which the town was previously part of. An army was sent to its gates to retrieve the town back. For 18 days the two armies exchanged arrows with the town still firmly in possession of the Knights of Gwydion. During these weeks, the Cathedral of Penrith was striped bare, it's treasury looted by the army by the will of the Nameless One.

A second English Royalist army arrived on the morning of the 19th day with more reinforcements and soon launched a ferocious attack on the city walls.

Outnumbered by nearly four to one, the Knights of Gwydion army fought bravely but couldn't hold off the swarm of soldiers storming the walls. Penrith fell back into the hands of the English loyalists armies and the Sovereign Town of Penrith was no more, seemingly ending the rebellion.

However that was by no means the end of the Knights. Over the next couple years they would go on to loot various towns, plunder roads and add many chapters to their rich adventurous history.

Gwydion's Trickery Reborn: A Devon Tale

April 14th, 1469. After the successful capture and looting of a town in Devon and weeks of robbing on the roads, The Count of Devon declared Black_Rob, Donnor, Barty_ and Krellgar as outlaws in the County of Devon as a Devonian army led by the county captain began to fill it's army with soldiers to hunt them down. Due to their association with the Knights of Gwydion either as members or allies, the KoG quickly formed two armed retinues of their own full of men and women prepared to fight and die for their comrades. After weeks of preparation, the KoG prepared to ambush the "Great Devon Army" not far from Southampton. However on the night of what would have been the grand battle, the two sides simply passed each other without a single drop of blood. The KoG claims the Devon army avoided fighting them, fearing their resolve while the Devon army questions whether the Knights were ever truly there. Regardless of what happened, no battle occurred.

Following this anti-climatic ending, the KoG came up with a cunning and devious plan. With a fair amount of knowledge gathered on Devon's army and the martial experience of several Knights, they were able to guess the speed of which their enemy could travel. With proper planning, they could have their way with the County of Devon and escape without a single life lost.

The Knights snuck past the city of Chard and arrived on the outskirts of the city Bridgewater in Devon. On May 16th 1469, they stormed and captured Bridgewater, overwhelming the militia and securing the town hall. Predictably and all according to plan, the Great Devon army followed closely behind. After looting what they could from the town hall, the Knights moved on past the capital of Bristol, the Great Devon Army always a step behind, and traveled down to the outskirts of Salisbury. On May 19th 1469, the KoG once again stormed and captured a town. Salisbury was taken and looted, the Knights finding a plethora of luxury food and rare collectable treasures in the little town.

As expected and planned for, the Great Devon Army arrived in town too late. By the time order was restored the KoG had fled to Sussex and were enjoying the spoils of their victories.

Dances with Wolves and Knights

On  May 6th 1469  two years after the bond of brotherhood was formed in Penrith, Raider as head of House Sherwood officially swore allegiance to the Knights of Gwydion and their cause, attaching the entirety of House Sherwood to the KoG. He has declared KoG to be spiritual successors to the ambitions and purpose of the original Wolves, and has decided to focus on helping build the next generation of criminal element in England and beyond.

With the absence of Inanna, Queen and leader of the Wolves of Sherwood, Raider as second in command declared that all WoS operations would take to the shadows and the group would remain dormant until the fabled return of Inanna or Darkdevil. Some wolves followed House Sherwood in officially joining the KoG while others opted to remain as WoS only. In the end the friendship between KoG and WoS was locked in for life.

The glory of Eve's Ham.

In June of 1469, many members of the KoG moved to the sleepy town of Evesham in Mercia. With dwindling population, a weak market and low value resources the Knights have decided to declare the town to be their home and base of operations for the foreseeable future, investing stolen goods and personal funds in helping rebuild the town to it's ancient former glory.