Kirsty.G of the House of Amnherst of the residency of Bristol.

Journey so far Edit

Kirsty.G was born in the slums and never knew her true parents whom both died before she reached the age of three. She was raised by a family freind also in the slums before the family friend also sadly passed away. She remembers little of this part of her life as she was then taken to an orphanage which was home for her for eight years. However at the age of eleven sick of the harsh treatment and violence shown towards her and the other orphans she escaped and began to make her own life. She was not sure if she was prepared for life on the streets and feared that she may be brought back to the slums however slowing she started to make a respectable living for herself getting work in various shops in different towns. She started travelling always looking for more or better paid work when she ventured upon the town of bristol in which she met a lovely couple named Marae and Aris Amnherst, strangely she felt a strong bond with the couple whom always were looking out for her and seemed genuinely to care for her wellbeing. Consequently when they offered to adopt her not long afterwards she immediately agreed and became an Amnherst. She now has a close bond with all of the family and rarely thinks of finding her true identity. She rarely dwells on the past and looks only to the present and the future. She has found many friends and cares for them all very much she always feels very blessed with how lucky she has now become.

Family and Marital Status Edit

The majority of the Amnherst familuy live in england not far from her residency of bath. She is neither engaged or married and never has been......yet.

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