—  Српско Царство  —
Serbian Seal
Coat of arms
Motto: Only unity saves the Serbs.
Capital Smederevo
 - Emperor Masterpera
 - King Nona_grehovic
 - Knez Masterpera
Counties Serbia
Provinces Србија (Serbia) , Босна (Bosnia) , Бугарска (Bulgaria) , Епир (Epirus), Македонија (Macedonia)
Founded 28.05.1456
Official language Serbian

The Kingdom of Serbia (Serbian-Краљевина Србија) is one of the largest countries in the south-eastern Europe known as the Balkans. Serbia is the main crossroad from west to the east, with its mayor trading town and capital with a natural port Smederevo.

Geography Edit

Serbia is naturally bordered on the north and west with United Kingdom of Croatia and Hungary, also on the west is Kingdom of Bosnia. At east Serbia borders with Kingdom of Bulgaria, and on the south-west is Kingdom of Albania .



Kingdom of Serbia's map

Lord Masterpera
Serbian Empire Map

Serbia has three towns: Smederevo, Jagodna and Rudnik. All Serbian towns are interconected with roads, and currently make a triangle. Smederevo is the capital of Serbia, and also the settlement with highest population


Kingdom of Serbia has gold mines and stone quarries and one iron ore mine. The town of Smederevo lies on the confluence of rivers Morava and Danube, and has small natural lake rich with many sorts of fish. Many fields outside the town produce much needed food, mostly wheat and corn.

Jagodna lies in the middle of silver pine forest which is used by it's inhabitants for wood supplies. Not surprsingly there are many good carpenters in this town. The lack of fish in Jagodna is supplemented by cattle fields in the outskirts of the settlement.

Rudnik is the newest addition to the kingdom of Serbia estate. Nicknamed "The Jewel in the Serbian Crown", it's name means "Mine". Not surprising, the town has two nearby mines, gold and stone. There are also many lush forests nearby, and the wood they provide will be put to good use once the town's economy has been firmly established.

History Edit

Until 28. of May in 1456. the territory on which, today, stands Kingdom of Serbia was a fogy and unknown place for Renaissance Europe. Following various migrations and conflicts all forms of statehood was lost.

Fortunately - in European kingdoms of that period - people are appearing who finally researched their history and roots. They are advancing in society, educating them selves and starting to work on envious positions in the lands witch they lived in. Seeing that they are growing stronger in numbers - forms the idea for reconstruction of the Serbian state.

The most of them lived close to the homeland in the Kingdom of Croatia. Numerous, organized and unified they start their diplomatic struggle for recognition of the Kingdom of Serbia - in that struggle Croatia unselfishly helps - from that period dates todays friendly and close relations between these two Kingdoms. Succeeding in their goals - that year 1456. they inhabit restored town of Smederevo and found a new and modern state modeled on European Kingdoms.

Researching their roots and tradition, but implementing the knowledge which they acquired in Renaissance Europe - trying to form a state which will be traditional and modern - but above all functional.

International affairs Edit

04.03.1457. Kingdom of Serbia signs a contract with the Kingdom of Bosnia and Kingdom of Albania of exporting goods in a value off 15.000,00 ducats. Knez - Ixandar Vojinovic.
18.08.1457. Kingdom of Serbia made a biggest trade in its history. Its council with Knez Koicheen Vojinovic on head made a trading deal with 5.000 ounces of iron ore in Kingdom of Hungary. Total value of agreed merchandise valued in total 90.000 ducats.
14.11.1457. there was a dispute between Kingdom of Serbia and the Kingdom of Bulgaria about a border territory which is on the map marked as a knot 1306. Actually, Knez Vukasin Jugovic claims that according to his findings a territory belonged to Serbia on the day roads where formed and publicly asks a question - in what way it found it self in Bulgaria. Not much time had passed when the Serbian Army conquered this knot. That action was followed with long and hard negotiations of the two sides in which participated his majesty Serbian Knez Vukasin, Nikolinna Nemanjic the Kingdom of Serbia minister of foreign affairs and the Bulgarian Knez Dani_ddd. 09.12.1457. Bulgarian army again takes this knot, but all tho it was stronger in number they didn't decide to conquer more Serbian territories. Peace ruled between these to Kingdoms, but the final agreement about this knot hasn't been reached.

Achievements Edit

06.12.1457. construction of the Smederevo port was finished, thus Smederevo becomes one of the first European city's with a port on level two.

for the first time in the Serbian international documents a Serbian Royal Navy was mentioned. First ship in its composition was „Kralj Petar Prvi“ (King Peter the First), whilst the crew was consisted of Novakoni and the Narcis. On the orthodox Christmas 07.01.1458 they sail into the Danube's delta and thus being the first in Europe who with certainty yelled what was until then speculated - „The Danube flows into the Black Sea“. Following this discovery the Heraldic Institute constitutes the official seal of the Serbian Royal Navy:



Kingdom of Serbia signs a contract with the Kingdom of Hungary of exporting iron in a value off 53,250.00 ducats. Knez - Masterpera Vukanovic.


The third town in Serbia, Rudnik, was opened following the massive population boom caused by extensive work of propaganda ministry.


Serbia today Edit

The Kingdom of Serbia became an economically stable country, without taxes. Serbia earns a lot of money on transmissioning goos and merchandise from west to east Balkan. In foreign policy, Serbia signed some contracts with Hungary,Romania,O.N.E., and some other countries. Serbia is in war against Bosnia.


Church of Serbia is

Serbian autochephalius church - SAC

After the historical Agreement between representatives of Holy See and Archbishop of SAC in march 1460, it has been decided to split the influence of two Churches in Serbia. Therefore, URAC has officialy recognized the existence of SAC.

According to the Agreement, the newly established Patriarchate of Morava will have dominion in Jagodina,Rudnik,Smederevo and all townsare under the diocese of SAC (namely Patriarchate of Morava )


Current ruling political fraction is Serbian list (CCCC). Its coalition of patriotic clans and families such as Vukanovic , Vukovic , Zmajevic , Dejanovic.

Councillors (18.09.1465) - Masterpera, A.g.i.a.s, Perrun, Nesa..., Svekar , Vojvodasrbadije, Petar_vukanovic, Arsenije_vukanovic , Lian_chu , Lady_alle , Growup , Maki187

In history there are several Dukes:


2.Sanja the

3.Ixandar Vojinovic

4.Koichen Vojinovic


6. Masterpera

7. Doksas Vojinovic

8. Makavelins

9. Volley

10. Vujin Zmajevic

11. Miloss Zmajevic

12. Miljan_grehovic

13. Novakovic

14. Ljudislav

15. Gonzo_Jugovic

16. Pilula_grehovic

17. Nona_gresnica

18. Radovan Zmajevic

19. Sekac

There are also couple of influetal families in Serbia:

-House of Jugović

-Noble House of Vojinovic

-Noble House of Vukanovic

-Noble House of Orlovic

-Noble Brotherhood of Zmajevic

-Noble house of Grehovic

-House of Dejanovic

RP nobles of Serbia:

Grand Zupan - SanjaThe

Zupan - Katarina2412

High Lord - Doksas, Popke, Masterpera, Serpikoo, Makaveli_vukanovic

Lord - Darrexus, E.T. srb, Tamnivitez, Steelers86, Sasa_orlovic, Sevastokrator_ll, Choi, Radukan, Vujin

Knight- Serbon, Tonchi, Maui, Dobroslav, Deseta, Stefan_doksas, Cubica, Bongisd, Pilula_grehovic, Miljan_grehovic, Ivan_grehovic

Serbian KingsEdit

- Markotop Jugovic- dead

- Proka - dead

- Vukasin_Jugovic - dead




-Kojadin - dead

-Miloss - dead

-Tigar_grehovic - dead


Knight ordersEdit

Royal Order of Knights

Serbian Knight Templar

Order of the Red Dragon