Renaissance Kingdoms

Kingdom of Hellas or Greece
—  Βασίλεο της Έλλαδας  —
Coat of arms
Motto: Freedom or Death
Capital Σέρρες (Serres)
 - King until 2010.Now Duke of Macedonia Drageon (Paul Paleologus).When he died his wife Notoria Palaologous(Notoria) succeeded him. Since 2010, the state ruled by the Duke of Macedonia
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 - Deputy (unknown)
Counties Duke of Macedonia
Provinces Greeek Aristotelian Church
Established June 11th 2007 (RP June 11th 1455)
Official language Greek (modern)

The Kingdom of Hellas/Greece (in Greek, Βασίλειο της Έλλάδος, Basíleio tēs Élladas), just known as Greece (Ελλάς) is a country of South-Eastern Europe. Its capital is Σέρρες (Sérres). The open towns are Άγιος Γεώργιος (Ágios Geórgios), Κιλκίς (Kilkís) and Σέρρες (Sérres).


The first 19 people who came to greece(which only 1 of them still plays by 2015)



Elected Dukes/Duchess of the Greek Duchy

0.   Drageon        (14 June 1455) (Appointed By LongJohnSilver)
1.   Goldmangr    (14 July 1455)
2.   Romanos     (12 September 1455)
3.   Romanos      (11 November 1455)
4.   Romanos      (10 January 1456)
5.   Saamnn       (10 March 1456)
6.   Saamnn        (11 May 1456)
7.   Kagelos        (12 July 1456)
8.   Evardo          (06 September 1456)
9.   Evardo          (13 November 1456)
10. Superpuma    (16 January 1457)
11. Iznogoud       (09 March 1457)
12. Century21     (10 May 1457)
13. Goldmangr    (18 August 1457)
14. Lady_li          (11September 1457)


As regional products Greece has vines and olives

Άγιος Γεώργιος (Ágios Geórgios) = Olives/Olive mills

Κιλκίς (Kilkís) = Olives/Olive millsΚιλκίς

Σέρρες (Sérres) = Vines/Wine cellars Political System

The political system was Constitutional Monarchy

The king,Drageon, mostly on retreat, was titled by church and citizens as the legal king of Greece since the first settles,even though there was many citizens and political parties who dislike Monarchy and the King.The successors was his RP-family members.

Now the Political System is democracy

At 2010 the kingdom's laws was cut and now the state is ruled by duke of Macedonia according to the new laws


While the Turk-Bulgarian keep on fighting, Greece and the Leaders keep Greece neutrality to the maximum.Greek borders are (most of the times) heavily guarded, and the armies of Macedonia have never engaged in battle against another Kingdom.There has been no official report for item exchange , its been told that Greece has sold enormous amounts of iron to both Bulgaria and Turkey.