Kingdom of Bulgaria
—  Царство България  —
Coat of arms
Motto: Съединението прави силата
Capital Veliko Turnovo (Great Turnovo)
 - Tzar (unknown)
 - Maglina
 - Regents none
Counties Bulgaria
Provinces No religious infrastructure
Established 1455
Official language Bulgarian

Kingdom of Bulgaria (bulgarian- 'Царство България') is a country in the Balkan Peninsula. It borders the Kingdom of Valahia to the north, the Ottoman Empire and Kingdom of Hellas to the south, the Kingdom of Serbia to the west and the Black Sea to the east.

Maps Edit

It seems that right now, the only up-to-date map of Bulgaria can be found in MrGroar's Maps of the world .

More maps will be uploaded, when available.

Towns Edit

The current towns in Bulgaria are:

Видин (Bdin),

Лом (Lom),

Кутловица (Kutlovica),

Враца (Vraca),

София (Sofia),

Самоков (Samokov),

Ловеч (Lovech)

Велико Търново (Veliko Turnovo)

The capital of The Kingdom of Bulgaria is Veliko Turnovo.

Religion and Politics Edit

After negotiations between the Universal Roman Aristotelian Church and the Bulgarian priests, Bulgaria have it's own independent church. The god is Jah and the Patriarch is Her Holiness Mag-lina.

The first council of Bulgaria was formed by the players that translated the game into Bulgarian. The first bulgarian party was BUL, which won the second elections. After that many other parties were created. The Bulgarian Count is known as Bolyar

History Edit

The Kingdom of Bulgaria was created in 1455 (exact date not known yet), by a group of people, who lived in other countries (mostly England).

Since the creation of the Ottoman Empire, after the name "Царство България" (Kingdom of Bulgaria) there is a sub name stating "Османска Империя" (Ottoman Empire). Although Bulgaria still have its own council and elections, some say that "Bulgaria is under slavery".

When the roads between Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire opened, the Bulgarian councils started some kind of negotiations with the empire, about the sub name. A few days later, the current Bolyar declared war on the Ottoman Empire. Since then, there was a few diplomacy meetings between different Bulgarian and Ottoman Counsils regarding peace, but a ceasefire was never officially declared. There were many deleted players, because of both sides witches.