Srpska Bosna
—  Kraljevina Bosna  —
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Coat of arms
Motto: Only unity saves the Serbs.
Capital Smederevo
 - King Mtoskic
 - Crown Prince Miske_
 - Ban Famozna
Counties Srpska Bosna
Discovered 10. Mart 1457.
Official language Serbian

Bosnia KingdomEdit

Kingdom of Bosnia was formed on 10th March 1475. year, by noble Bosnian knights: Annabel_lee , 130664 - Brojcek, Veliki_odi, Boorich, Ady_velicanstveni, Emmyca, Ljutko, Method, Got, _baxuz, Toross, Dabalhs, Sarac, Nedelja, Cazanova, Megakiller, Nina12345, Dzolovice, Nema_logike, Maschine, Dunjaikinez, Zemljotres. They came from all over the world in small village Zenica.

Political systemEdit

Authority in Bosnia is separated on executive, legislative and judicial authority; and on royal and heraldic authority.

Executive AuthorityEdit

Executive authority in the hands of Council. Like any other council in Renaissance Kingodms, elections for the council are every 60 days.

Legislative AuthorityEdit

Legislative authority is performed by bosnian parlament called Rusag.

Judicial AuthorityEdit


The official religion is Bosnian church ( Crkva Bosanska).

Bosnian familiesEdit

There are 13 families in Bosnia and 6 of them are noble. Families are center of cultural and political life in Bosnia. Bosnian families:

  • Noble family Kosače
  • Noble family Kotromanići
  • Noble family Pavlovići
  • Šantić
  • Noble family Hrvatinić
  • Noble family Knežević
  • Balšić
  • Vuković
  • Tomašević
  • Noble family Hrebljanović
  • Šubić
  • Tvrtković
  • Gradaščević