Killergod also known as Jack Ellis De Belas (but better known by a variety of child unfriendly expletives, the most commonly used being Spanky), is brother to Hemzo, Chimera and Cmoon (but not a very good one), and a part of the Irvine Clan, Leahandra's kiddo, and considers Sephrenia his auntie, the two ladies being the Clan Chieftesses. He believes himself to have conceived two beautiful daughters by the name of Diya and Kelsa, but his abilities are negligible next to the Kennedys, and there will be a battle for the daughters. He is a cross dressing pre op transexual and enjoys freaking out newcomers in the tavern by snogging Smudge who incidentally "loves it". Currently he is stalking the dark alleyways of An Gort preying on any young drunk man he can find. (this was rumoured to be linked to Kearo's disappearance for two weeks)

Rumoured to have a mole in the shape of cupid on his left butt cheek and he has an unnatural adoration of The Tequila and although he has many many many many etc etc wives his one dream is to marry The Tequila and have Tequila bebbeh's Out of all his wifes the very gorgeous and stunningly beautiful Maddison is his favourite.

Rumour is that Jack Ellis de Belas is father of Ladymarshmellow.

Also, according to 's brother Hemzo, it is also not untrue that Killergod has had an affair with his own sister Cmoon and apparently has also had as many as 6 children with her, that is, sextuplets. Any more information on Jack's behaviour is considered quite unfit for writing, but it is true that he has "proper felt her". We assume it's her soft touch.

The many wives and luvahs of Killergod Edit

First wife - Deisdre De Grey Belas

Second wife - Prut mother of many children they had

Hubby - Rosa

Drunken wife - Tbsnone aka Tristiana

Dwunken wife - Maddison

Tequila babe and lover - Numpty

Lover - Cordelia

Future wife - Lilly

Luvah - Qtchi

Luvah 2 - Ciras

luvah 3 - Ohrid

Fiancé - Lizzy

2nd fiancé - Laticia

(Rumoured) - Cmoon

There are much more but those are the ones which Killergod could remember. Jack also as a Self proclaimed drunk pirate queen known as Charlotte_de_berry

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