Kevin born on the September 19, 1456 in the town of Lios Mór, County An Mumhain, Eire. Here too many people treated him arrogantly and with disrespect. He just want to move for good, looking for justice and relax.
In 28 April 1457 he decided he have had enough of Lios Mór, he shifted his main residence in Cill Chaoi, a little town near the Sea. Here, he knows Antigoon and Oydelia, a sweet couple very friendly and happy. Soon they came to be his bestfriend there.
Here also he opened a mill, "The Smiling Stone", in 19 June 1457

During the siege on NNGO part, he initially defended the city with all his stranght, but then, after long meditation, he decided to join NNGO, for since he was young he recieved harsh treatment from oppressive and pride people. Also in Chill Caoi meny people became like that, and he was no longer pride to be citizen of such an unrighteous city. Now the time for revenge has come.
One year come to an end, then the new year brings a wind of change. The time arrived also to leave and to rove about in the earth and walk about in it. The third NNGO ship, named "Don't Panic" leaves Eire. Passengers included Mick_ the Captain, Connodor, Jaqk, Maddie20, Mani3, Pirokiller and Kevin.kane. the travel was long and painful, but al last they arrived Largs, Scotland, in 1st February 1458. The Scottish are our friends, they supported NNGO in the campaign against corruption and injustice in England.
People Killed: 24
20-06-1458: Falconfire hit you with his sword. You have been lightly wounded.
14-07-1458: Twilightsoul hit you with his sword. You have been lightly wounded.
14-07-1458: Klupmito hit you with his sword. You have died in combat.

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